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[Oct '20] Improvements Feedback


They seem to be firing multiple times.

Also I received them, even though I'm not new. (I'm assuming that this is because they were just added, so we are all going to see them.)

Yes, many of them are set to fire more than once. And some fire more than once if you are 1 year old, like it will fire for being 3 months, 6m, 12m. And some I have set to show twice in general.

No more jumping off/across things just because you stop attacking first while still being attack by someone else.

Might I propose that utilizing the paraglider still permits this avenue of escape?

Wouldn't correctly setting up a paraglider be more complicated instead?

If anything a haphazard jump as an escape seems viable as long as you pass a check similar to a flee attempt.

I like @pcow's suggestion.

Is there some reason that people are currently able to jump if they are in combat?

Just because one person stops attacking doesn't mean the other person isn't still attacking them.

A flee check seems like exactly what should happen. Unless a flee check cannot be added to 'jump' similar to how 'move' already works.

I'm in support of both the glider and the jump being OK as long as a flee check is involved (since the 'free' option is gone now). Jumping off of roofs has some serious risks, and is a pretty bad-ass move. I think it would be cool if it still stayed in the game in a way that was stat supported.

Non-game wise, if you can succeed a flee down a street from an assailant, you can probably bail off of a roof or rail. Not sure if code support is easy here though!

I didn't know there were things like para-gliders for jumping around, that's really cool.

I think that if you have some equipment like this and you end up coding in the "flee" checks for trying to escape roof top engagements (jumping off roofs) that maybe the flee check should be easier to pass if you have this type of mobility gear on you and ready to use.

I don't think there should be reasons or gear allowing people to evade (hur, hur) combat without passing the hardcoded skillchecks full stop.

Gliders are cool, but take zero (player) skill to use. I don't want to push the envelope of what's considered 'required gear' to wear to be a combat character more than it already is in a lot of circumstances.

I get that there's probably some salt from the veterans here about this getting changed, since this was a long-standing thing, but this was one of those instances of uber cheese that isn't consistent with the rest of the games mechanics. Meta's shifted because of it, and I don't want to just see super expensive items adding this back and returning us to pre-nerf cheese levels.


That is not my understanding of gliders at all. If I'm wrong, feel free to ignore this, but I recall gliders do actually require a specific skill to utilize without potentially killing yourself.


I know this. Which is why I specified they don't take PLAYER skill to use.

I don't think pay X flash, get out of combat free is a good thing. That was my point.

I totally agree a flee check in conjunction with a piloting check to jump rooftops in combat w/ a Paraglider is appropriate.
Ah, I misunderstood your post then.
I feel like that it's a bit more than simply pay X amount of chyen but also,invest X amount of UE to gain associated skills and stats to use the para-glider properly?

At that point, I feel like it might graduate to something that should be capable of getting you out of harms way if it's intended for gliding off great heights by design already.

Just my 2 cents.

I think being able to flee across a rooftop edge with a glider makes sense, but the code involved there is more difficult. And the syntax more... strange. flee s edge? flee south edge? not sure.

It seems doable, but not sure how high a priority this would really be.

flee across edge? sort of how the jump across edge. I feel like it'd be easier if the commands for rooftop movement and rooftop fleeing are similar.
weird linebreaks were meant to be dir with the bracket thingies on either side
I wouldn't change the syntax or the flee code. Instead, I'd add a combat-check for jump across. If you try to jump across during combat it does the flee check and jump check.

This way you don't learn new commands or syntax. You're just using familiar techniques in new scenarios.

I'm on the same page with Reefer. There's already a heck of a lot of command bloat as it is, don't want to further complicate an already stressful.
In my view, the flee check is about finding an opening to disengage from combat and make a run for it without the other chummer stopping you. The fix is good because you shouldn't be able to avoid interception for free just because you're jumping off an edge. I don't think having a paraglider strapped to your back helps with this.
Sorry, where is the glider coming from? Are you pulling it from hammerspace? It seems a little silly for me that you can just pop it on and go in the middle of combat, but maybe I'm misinformed by how paragliders work on a technical level IC.
They're a wearable, that enhances the jump commands in game. That's it. Can't get simpler then they already are.
To be clear: Gliders do not currently let you do anything different in combat.
Just wanna throw out there that I'm 100% stoked about the grappling hook fix. That has been a constant pain in my ass. Super pumped it's fixed.
Big thanks to Crashdown for writing the new help chefs island and to Mench for uploading it.

Despite the syntax being simple I know it took me a lot of trial and error to figure it out, so I think having the guidance will make that whole creation system much more popular.

'help chefs island' needs updating, as it claims one retrieves a prepared food item from a kitchenette. This is incorrect. Chefs Islands output their prepared items through the KITCHEN COUNTER that comes with a chefs island. It is possible to have a kitchenette installed in the same room as a Chefs island(/w kitchen counter) and the chefs island will only output to the kitchen counter. The kitchenette remains independent.
Verrrry excited to see vehicle damage processes being updated. I'm sure this will prove great news for mechanics and for wider rp opportunities further down the line.