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[Oct 2019] Improvements & Bug Fixes
Rolling thread of all updates from October 2019


These were broken ever since we cut over to full https all the time, because the MOO doesn't support connecting to https. This has been resolved via some apache magics by me and Johnny. Holograms should function again!


New tip-line message reminds folks to use proper punctuation on the SIC.

DEPRECATED: @options think

Think used to be an weirdly meta command that others could see, regardless of cyberware, etc. Since we made it IC and use cyberware and such, the @option was deprecated. I've now removed it. Thanks to Reefer for pointing it out.


I thought I fixed this (I kinda did at least a bit) but the issue of people entering without a 'real name' IE: the name that shows up in your @stats, persisted. I tracked it down to a code change we made in August that was persisting the 'real name' to the SIC chip when you got a rip, meaning when someone else got it installed they would get the real name of the person who had the chip. This was an intentional change as your SIC is how the city and many services know you-- however, we were setting the realname when someone entered the city and THEN giving them a SIC, and that was a blank chip with no realname, so it was overwriting it... with nothing.

I've updated the verb we use to pass in the current realname when we are giving someone a SIC in this manner.


I noticed a lot of 'OTHER' being selected for BUILDER. So I added a new option for folks that need to make a request to BUILDERS. These apply to GMs too so mainly a GM being able to request something be built. However there are times when a player might need to put in a request-- either to discuss something that a builder asked for or something a builder asked them to remind them of or something from FixIt channel.


We've worked through a bunch of typos that you lovely people have been submitting. In the portion we've worked through, we managed to fix ~37 typos across the game on food items, clothing items, room descriptions and more.

There are currently 118 open typos, down from ~155. Keep submitting those typos!


I've made it so corpse nakeds and tattoo degrade over time. Different nakeds decay at different rates. When a naked is decayed you will see a message about it being too decayed to give any info. The messages are all the same currently, but there is support for showing different messages based on naked location.

Previously we were just blanking out the nakeds after a certain decay rate was hit. Now it is progressive. Also, it is done in pairs (left eye, right eye) for those of us that set only a single naked for both.


Just like nakeds, tattoos will degrade over time. Different tattoo locations decay at different rates. These rates are slightly slower than the nakeds decay rate, meaning they will be visible longer. When they are TOO decayed, you will see a message stating that there was probably a tattoo in the area but you will be unable to see what it was.


If you have enough medical skill you can determine the type of wounds a corpse has. The skill check has been updated to be a roll instead of a hard skill check. The difficulty has also been updated.


I've drastically cleaned up the forensics code for corpses, moving it from a single big verb into multiple smaller ones which are easier to extend.

I've also updated the check that is made to see if you are holding the forensics kit (you have to have it on your and be holding it for it to work when you inspect a corpse).


I've updated the corpse forensics messaging and timing. You will now get a number of messages based which represent the things you are inspecting / looking for info on (wounds, time of death, moved after death, etc).

There will also be pauses in between your work so you don't get all the information at once. This was always intended but the pause was commented out.

The messages of your actions as you do your forensics work will be visible to other players in the room now.


Instead of a single hard skill check we are doing a skill roll which then determines what info you successfully get from your investigation.

These are of varying difficulty (it's easier to see if the corpse was moved after death than it is to determine the weapon that caused the wounds, for example).

This means that there is more incentive to increase your forensics to be able to do more when it comes to inspecting corpses.


I've updated the messages you get about the corpse to be in bright white to differentiate them from the messaging of your character doing actions in the room.


When you are skilled enough in forensics you will now be able to 'see' what someone would have looked like before rigor-mortis set in. This goes hand in hand with the update about corpse nakeds/tattoos degrading over time.


You will now get an accurate time of death. We were using the decay rate before, but that is inaccurate as there are things like fridges and meat lockers you can put corpses in that will stop them degrading. Now you'll be able to see a more accurate time of death in hours, and if it is very fresh, know it was 5/15/30/60 min ago that the person died.

These updates pave the way for additional future updates as the code is in better condition to be updated and extended.


We've ben crunching thrugh another bunsh of typo's to make teh world is a nicur place. This time in descriptions, scripts and code. Since the last post, we've gone down from 118 to 95!

Keep those @typo's coming!


I broke animal carcasses when I added the new corpse updates. These have been fixed.


After many years of me banging my head off the desk trying to figure out the issue we were having with the MOO telling us we had too many files open when we did not, I am hoping this issue is put to bed forever. Earlier in the day before the server restart I rebuilt the moo binary using my 1337 c skillz and upped the cap for max files the moo thinks it is allowed to have open. This should hopefully resolve this issue once and for all. I hope. I said that the last 6 times though, so who knows.


You can now throw a molotov cocktail at a corpse. This will disfigure the corpse (see update on that below) and also burn up everything the corpse has on them (aside from things that are typically salvageable from fire). That means weapons, armor, electronics, all go up in flames. This won't cause a fire like if it were thrown into the room, and it won't damage anyone in the room. It just burns the corpse with some messaging.

When you can't loot, and you don't want to get caught or leave much evidence, this is a good option :)


Corpses now support being disfigured. Currently the only way to disfigure a corpse is by throwing a molotov cocktail at it, which will cause it to burn. This will change its name, obfuscating the gender. It will also obfuscate all the nakeds, the build, the height, the ancestry, the eye color, the hair color and hair style.

The corpse description will be updated to show 'indeterminate' for these items. Inspect without a forensics kit will show indeterminate for the height/weight.

The corpse will no longer show the 'short description' of the person who it used to belong to. It will now say 'an indeterminate person'. This is also the case for when a corpse is very decayed.

You can molotov a corpse multiple times to add to the disfigurement, though that isn't needed to simply obfuscate the nakeds for the average person.

In the future we can add other ways to disfigure a corpse. Like spraypainting it, slicing it up, exploding it, etc.


Now that it is possible to hide height/weight/ancestry/gender/etc, forensics is able, upon inspection with a forensics tool, to show you this information if you pass the skill checks. Height/weight/build/hair/eye color are all included in the inspection now.

The checks are based on how disfigured the corpse actually is, so the more disfigured, the higher the skill you need. This should make forensics skill a bit more scalable, as someone may need a pretty high skill if a corpse has been heavily disfigured.


This now has a skill minimum, but the max is dependent on how disfigured the corpse is.


I had to update a ton of verbs to make all this happen, further laying the groundwork for future improvements to disfiguration and forensics. There may be bugs, please let us know if you find any.


It was possible to never tend a batch of drugs, burn them badly, and then package them after the full run would have finished, yielding a full batch of drugs.

This has been fixed. Any weirdness with packaging should be xhelped or @bug'ed.


Jira is back up and you should be able to @Bug again.


You can no longer hide/sneak while 'lift'ing a corpse. You already were not able to hide/sneak while grappling, lifting should be no different.