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Crowdsource keeping cool clothing around... or deleting it.

Hey Everyone -

We love player created items. The biggest set of these types of items in game is clothing. We want to allow you to create as much cool and personalize clothing as possible and part of that is removing it from the game. Up until now this has been a manual task. If a piece of clothing is dumped/incinerated/trashed, it goes to a special place where admin review it and decide if we should keep it around.

This is very very time consuming and the GMs kinda have other things to do... like puppeting! So, we are crowdsourcing it from here on out.

@review-cloth will show you a piece of clothing that is in our 'recycling bin'. It will let you review the messages and help decide if that clothing should be kept or not. Your character is not doing this. YOU the PLAYER are.

There are (at the time of this post) 676 items that need to be reviewed. And we don't think all these items will be reviewed over night. Especially considering that we aren't taking a single persons opinion on things. It's crowdsourcing, so you'll all get to vote, and when a certain threshold is met, the item will either be deleted or moved to the market (or somewhere else, depending on the item).

If you have downtime, please consider reviewing some items.

Once we've gotten through the initial round of items, it will be much easier for us as a community to keep up with the reviews. I've got a handy command that runs and notifies 'Game-Help' if there are items pending review. It runs every 8 hours so it should cover most of the player base, but not be too obtrusive, and it won't show up if there are not items pending review.

There is a handy counter that you are shown after you cast a vote with @review-cloth, which is how many items are remaining for you to review. Don't be daunted by the high number, just review however many you have time to review.

If you encounter any issues, please xhelp! If you have questions on the criteria, please use xgame to ask other players for clarification.

'help @review-cloth' is also a thing and captures most of this post.

Thanks so much for helping!


Is there a way to eliminate duplicates? It seems like there's 5-10 copies of several items.
Not easily. If you think an item that is a duplicate is worth saving, feel free to mark all it's duplicates as DELETE.
Also, I added a nice little tracker to allow me to see how many cloths each of you review, so you might get a shout out in the future :)
Oh, and if you are a new tailor or are interested in it, @review-cloth is a great way to expose yourself to what others have made, how pronouns work, and in general, what works and what doesn't!
Oh, also because I forgot to mention it...

Due to bloat, I moved all the player made clothing material in the market (650 items) that were not already marked as SAVE by an admin (270 items) to the $recycling_bin. So those items will make it back into the game over time, as votes are cast on them.

Awww yisss. I'm gonna help with this.
Please do! This weekend I will use all the data we have collected to write the algorithm that will auto keep or auto delete clothing based on all of your feedbacks! Thank you!!!111
I have spent some time voting and my only complaint is you don't have error checking on the vote.

Instead of yes or no I think a handful of times I have voted "cm "

It would be nice if we entered a incorrect vote, if that item came back into our queue to enter an appropriate vote.

Idiot checking, for idiots like me!

I've finished the code to review the votes on clothing items. And the code has been run. Currently we require at least 6 votes YAY (save) or 6 votes NAY (delete), and a distinct winner (no ties).

After processing all the items, these were the results:

Total: 552

Saved: 59

Deleted: 475

No Winner: 18

The No Winner items stay in the queue until the next time the review votes code runs, at which point it looks for a deciding vote again.

Thank you all so much for your help. Expect those of you that spent a lot of time reviewing cloth now, and continue to do so in the future, to get a special shout out at the next town hall!

-- S