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cleaned up, no more old addictions

I went through the addiction code tonight and figured out why when we added addictions to @stats, ya'll started showing up addicted to things you tried ages ago.

One of the problems was a coding error on my part in that @stats code. When I dug deeper, I discovered that we stopped calling the right code to determining what you're addicted to a long time ago and this was mucking things up.

I reinstated this old code and suddenly we're all not addicted to just about everything.

Additionally, we've moved the old 'haggard and could use a fix' message from one that was used by all drugs to one defined on all drugs. This means each drug can yield a different 'addicted' message. So, no more identical message when you look at yourself (or others) for every single drug.

more to come along this line, I'm sure. :stoner2:

You fix the best things!  Out of morbid curiousity, if your addicted to multiple things, will you get multiple 'hagard' messages?  Cuz that would be a pain :P
Yes, actually, you will. But, you won't get 2 of the -same- message. :)
Be a while for I can test it out heh, but either way, kudos, sounds fun.