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Apartment Inner Door Codes
You wanted it, you got it

I've taken steps to make it so the secondary codes that you can set up on apartment doors to allow entry, will also be usable from the inner door, when that door is upgraded.

If you upgrade your door and then go outside and add a new secondary code, it will not work until you downgrade the door and upgrade the door again (additional cost). The upgrade command will remind you of this.

For those of you who already have doors with secondary codes who want to take advantage of this, you'll have to downgrade your door and upgrade it again for this new code to work.

As this is new, please offer your feedback and report any issues! If you do encounter an issue, please xhelp and don't take undue advantage of that issue.

-- S

Thank you! This allows for some use cases that before would have needed you to give out your master code.
Awesome! Thanks.
I don't have enough experience with upgraded doors to follow this.

It seems like what Slither is saying is that any time someone wants to add a secondary code to the door, they have to pay the cost to downgrade and then upgrade it again. Is that accurate?

There also seems to be a certain order in which things have to be done. Is that true? Can that be clarified (with a numbered list maybe)?

1. Downgrade door

2. Add secondary code from outside

3. Upgrade door (inside)

Or whatever the proper sequence is

Downgrade is free. Upgrading isn't. You need to downgrade, put secondary codes in, or delete old ones, whatever you want. Once everything's set, you can upgrade the door so the secondary codes would sync with the upgrade.

Any time you want to add secondary codes, you have to pay the 2500 because of the downgrade / upgrade process?

You are not required to upgrade your door, so it's not anytime. I also do not think Beepboop is correct in that you need to have downgraded your door first. I know it was their experience but I didn't see anything in the code that pointed to that being the case. I'd be interested in seeing if anyone else has been able to add secondary codes with an upgraded door--- as that aspect of things did not get changed, and this would have been something folks already knew about if that was the case.

Process (unless I am wrong):

1. Add secondary codes

2. Check if the secondary code is usable inside with an upgraded door.

2A. If it's not, downgrade and then upgrade, which costs SOME amount of money. Please don't assume that the cost is static across all doors and sectors.

3. Profit.

It may also be that you don't need to downgrade/upgrade because it syncs fine, but it's new code and honestly, I hate programming doors so much that I am letting you all test it and figure it out for me.

Someday soon I will fix the damn interface for doors.