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Canteens, Water and Pets
no more dehydrated critters!

Those of you with pets have come across a unique problem. Namely, there was no way to give water to your pets in order to solve the problem of thirst.

Now you can pour out your canteen, giving your pet a temporary puddle of water to drink from.

You'll see these sources of water coming up in other places ... and with other properties besides your basic 'water'. :)

And when it rains, there will be puddles to fill your canteens from.
When it's cold, puddles tend to turn to ice, whether they look like it or not. Drive safe around the puddles. :)
ooh, are there dripping pipes, leaky showers? leaky sinks?  I don't know what rain/runoff from a domed city is like personally, but I can only imagine it'd be horrifically undrinkable.  Maybe rad poisioning from drinking too much "outside water"   Or maybe I've just been playing too much fallout.
How about icicles we can grab off buildings and stab people with?  That would be fun.
Icicle stabbing?! How about HUGE icicles forming on the top of the towers of gold that occasionally FALL and turn people into a gushy pulp of slush and gore!
Filling canteens from puddles doesn't sound safe, but I guess neither does dehydration. So I take it we need to be cautious and drive for conditions now? I think since ice shouldn't effect flying we need an occasional heavy fog that make flying more dangerous.

Boy are you going to regret saying anything about flight, lol.

Most forms of bad weather will now have a much greater negative impact on flying than they will on driving. This is tunable, but BE CAREFUL, as the weather will definitely affect your ability to fly without incident.

Fog will have a lesser, but noticable effect on ground driving.

Heh, put your foot in your mouth there mate.
Actually I'm really excited for this. Flying for conditions will make things much more interesting. However, I already fly very cautiously because of my resentment of pestering GMs to puppet an automechanic for me. We need competition in the market place so it's not impossible to make enemies without cutting yourself off from an entire PC controlled industry. However, the jobs themselves that need competition are barely profitable enough for one person even with a monopoly.
I think cutting off your options by making enemies would produce a lot of interesting RP with that enemy. Striking a deal with them, taking chances at having them help you. Risk taking can be a lot of fun and produce a lot of unexpected and interesting twists and turns I don't think I'd like if a player could just go to an NPC for help just to avoid RPing with one of their not so friendly business associates.

At some point everyone has to strike a deal with the devil and that's the kind of stuff people write books and make movies about!

I've thought about that but it seems like the high risk and unrealism of dealing with the enemy when it's for their benefit more than yours doesn't feel comfortable for me. I'm very open to helping people out at my expense but I need to justify it with some realistic motivations to do so.
On the topic of player industries being profitable, would a player who runs their own garage or clinic have a weekly profit from the ambient population like shops and bars do?
I don't know if they do but it would make sense if they earned a little bit at the expense of the exclusivity of the business. If you are getting some steady ambient business you don't want to be leaving valuable stuff out in the open.
Sadly our playerbase is small, and if we depended on JUST our miniature economy to keep us in the chyen, we'd be in deep shit.  Having a business, or a job, gets the money flowing and keeps things moving.  So yeah, I think if you have a legit little biz, you should be earning a steady bit of money as well as the money that players might bring your way.  We must not forget the ambient population. Some of those 65mil are going to want your ware too.
Jman - great solution! Puddles are awesome.

Weather that affects you - kickass.

Back to puddles...what do you think about...
1) oil slicks (bad to drive on)
2) oil wells (source of income, kind of like existing endless water pools)
3) urine puddles (more for WCS to clean up, possibly generated by the 'drugged out of my mind and pissed in a corner' code)
4) blood trails/drops (wounded & no medkit? roll against luck to see if you leave a drop of blood in each location you pass through. Genetic identifier. Harder to hide from those that follow you)

Just some ideas.

Those of you getting wet from the rain, you can now dry yourself in your apartment or in a shower room. There is no drying mechanism in a cube.