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Character Sunsetting
The official new policy on your character leaving...

Hey All -

After much discussion and debate on the issue we've come to a formal decision on Character Sunsetting which will be effective immediately.



This is the process of your character leaving the city (and game) and metaphorically walking off into the sunset. Sunsetting a character is only available to characters who have existed in the game world for five years or more. If you wish to play a different character for a time, see 'help vacation' instead.


The process of sunsetting your character can be complicated. First, you should alert the admin that you are interested in sunsetting your character by putting in an @service-request (OTHER option) and describing the reasoning why. If you are coming up on 5 years and want to get the ball rolling, you can submit your service request a few months early so the GMs and you can work on your exit strategy together.

The GMs will reach out to you to discuss your options. Not everyone is an immediate candidate for sunsetting. If you are actively involved in roleplay, have a position of power, or are involved in numerous plots, you will have to finalize that roleplay, step away from your power base, and resolve any outstanding debts before you will be allowed to sunset.

The reasoning behind this should be clear to any player who has been playing Sindome for requisite 5 years. We don't want your character leaving the game to have an adverse effect on the role play of others. If you owe someone 100k and you sunset your character, they have no recourse on that debt. If you are high up in a faction, and you just leave, that puts the other players in that faction in a tough situation, not to mention the burden it lays at the feet of the GMs.

The GMs will happily suggest ways in which to start resolving your role play, and will start removing you from plots and positions of power, as your character makes it ICly known that they are considering leaving the city for good.

Sunsetting is an overarching storyline (with help from the GMs) to resolve the majority of your roleplay and conflict within the game. It does not have a set time limit and cannot be rushed.


Upon requesting a sunset, there is a minimum cooldown (waived only in extreme circumstances) of 30 days.


You cannot decideto sunset your character and just give away all your shit. While distributing some of your gear, power, and other wealth is encouraged, simply giving it away without roleplay is discouraged. If you need help coming up with ways to create plots to allow you to distribute your wealth, the GMs are more than happy to help.


You can change your mind about a sunset before you have left the game and entered character generation. However, there is no undoing of roleplay that happened up to that point. Your assets, wealth, and power, are probably gone forever. If you enter character generation, you cannot change your mind later. There is no returning this character to the Sindome Universe. They have left, you finish their story in your head.


help vacation



Questions? Thoughts?

-- S