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Corporate Immigration
How to start your NEXT character as a corpie.

So you've been playing Sindome for a while and your day turns to shit. Before you know it, you've hit that red scroll that makes your blood boil ... twice. Now you're faced with starting a new character. Are you ready for the challenges of the corporate world?

Players who have played a mixer with their current character, are generally eligible to start as an immigrating corpie with their next character. Keep in mind, if you've lived for a very brief time, we're not going to approve your request.

The process is manual:

1.) You dead, GO LIGHT

2.) DON'T proceed through char gen until you work out approval with staff ...

3.) Email [email protected] using the subject CORPIE IMMIGRATION JOBS with the rough outline of your corp immigrant. The high points of the history you'll write and what sorts of jobs s/he is interested in working.

4.) You and the GM(s) will work out what job your character will be immigrating to Withmore City for.

5.) Once you have a job lined up, write the new character's history.

6.) Email [email protected] using the subject CORPIE IMMIGRATION HISTORY with your new character's history including the part where they are immigrating to Withmore for this exciting new job.

7.) GMs respond to email with approval or deny, rework history as required for approval. GM files a note outlining this pre-approval.

8.) With your approved history, go through char gen.

9.) Immediately following char gen, do not move in the badlands.

10.) XHELP to be teleported to corpie immigration

11.) Use @history to apply your history.

12.) Proceed towards your new life as a corpie in the domed city!

Please note that game balance will also impact whether you are allowed to play a corporate immigrate. You can't all be corpies at the same time!
This sounds like a great feature!

As a Player of a 2 years mixer character who now plays a corpie, the ~2 weeks or so I spent before becoming a corpie with my new character really wasn't all that bad. Means you have to work for your job and earn it!

So while I'm not saying Johnny's new process is a bad idea, consider earning your job like how you had to earn everything with your mix character, rather than get it for free, especially if you find out the job isn't what it cracked up to be after all!

Fantastic. Since there's Corpie Immigration now, how about Mixer Immigration? Like not the ordinary ones, those who have influences or so. Maybe one immigrates cause of illigal mixer business and such. Ganger looking for trouble from the outside world or so. Influential people escaping and taking refuge at Red.

Might be good one too for a long time corporate character or so.

All previous rules apply but this is the updated procedure.

Updates to the steps:

1. Get staff approval for corpie start, including picking out a POTENTIAL job you MAY get upon arrival at the city. You basically start with an immigration scheduled

2. Go through chargen

3. Do not enter the city

4. Submit a history

5. Submit a service request for a CORPIE IMMIGRATION

6. Ping the staff on xhelp to let them know your history and service request are submitted. Then hold tight for however long it takes to get this moving.

-- S

So these above are the new steps, rather than the ones in the original post?
Hey Folks -

This came up recently and I wanted to clarify our policies on this, so I have taken what's in this thread as well as what was generally known on the staff side, as well as our written policies and put them all into a help file with steps.

'help immigration'

If you are just finding this thread, you should read that help file for more information as this thread should now be considered OUT OF DATE.