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Dispatcher: Shrouded NPCs
Less meta on shrouded folks

Howdy. Part of the feedback I got during the office hours, and something I've wanted to deal with for a while, is that we don't have many non-PC disguised folks walking around.

This is no longer the case. I've released a feature into production (still in beta and might need tweaking) that causes randomized NPCs to spawn disguised at random points in the city and walk OR sneak around to a destination before unspawning.

These NPCs will take all shapes and forms. It should make it less easy to identify disguised folks, because there are truly random people walking around disguised.

I will tweak this system and add a bit more to it and fix issues as they crop up. As always, all of you are on the front lines of this. If you notice patterns, or non-randomness in the NPCs (or suspected NPCs), please feel free to call it out here so I can correct it.

I think there was a shrouded NPC walking around on Green earlier. Not sure if you did this to test or a slight oversight. But this is an amazing idea. I love it. Gives me a sensation of OOC safety that I will not be shadowed or anything just because I'm the only shrouded short femboy in the area.
Sounds awesome. Can't wait to see this in action.
Shrouded folks will walk around Green too. Shrouds aren't only on the lower sectors.
Very nice feature! Having had this recently happen IC (I'll assume) and it triggering RP, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this. Thanks!
It's just shrouds for now, but I will roll out other things like hoodies in the future after this new code has had a chance to be better tested. I'd rather not do too much at once before seeing it in action, but the code I've written already supports different disguises.
Will Shrouded NPCs on Green get treated appropriately by other NPCs on Green, if they get caught being shrouded?
I second armingo's question about disguised people Topside, will they get shot by the Jakes or not? Because wearing a disguise Topside has the opposite effect when it comes to blending in.

Also I'd suggest doing something about the re-stocking of disguises onto itself (crates alone aren't enough), because they are very popular items OOCly (hence why people hoard them & clean the stores dry) but ICly they should be extremely common.

This would support this new feature (which tries to show how common disguised people are) and avoid players from being meta and start killing NPCs to farm disguises at the same time (which I take is the opposite of what you want).

I'm hoping the NPCs don't drop shrouds on death (like they rip or something).
Slither said the shrouded NPCs spawn ranging from low UE to max UE, so.
Just like tourists don't drop their rolexes when they die, these npcs won't drop disguise items. They aren't here for you to farm them. They will fight back if attacked. And Judges can definitely throw done with them if they are walking around topside.

If topside disguised npcs wandering around doesn't seem themely, I can relegate it to the Mix, but I'd like to hear from folks who've been effected by meta around this, what they think about that.

Will they come in different colors? Because well... if they're same color all of the time, well, people will start avoiding one color and focusing on other colors.
I wonder if random shrouded topside would promote or deter more brazen pc crime topside?
I say don't eliminate topside shrouded guys because it adds mystery and a sense of "oh shit something is going on" (even if it's just a guy walking around), just reduce its frequency compared to their Mix counterparts.
Woo! Thanks for this change, stoked to see it in action on the streets!
Yes they are all different color.
Great idea. I've been targetted some times before for being the only guy in an area with a shroud. And I've been guilty of metagaming around this issue at least once or twice in all these years. So good call!
It's been a month. Any feedback?
I'm pretty sure I've seen some spooky NPCs come out of the shadows out of nowhere... or maybe it was my mortal rival. Couldn't tell you.
Haven't seen a ton of them (I think???) but there have been a few times when I see shrouded people doing stuff. The fact that I don't know if they're NPCs or PCs means it's working (or helping) to me.

I still like the idea a lot.

Replying many months later from last post on this thread, but this concept is good. Clever.

I've seen it in use and observed characters (npc/pc?) putting on same colored hoodies.