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Drug Usage and Overdose Updates
Things are a little more clear and fair now

We've made some changes to the way drugs work both in and out of combat.

1. If you take a drug in combat you will lose two combat rounds (IE: you will not attack during that time), this is to simulate the fact that you are not attacking because you are literally stopping to take a drug.

2. There is a MESSAGE that shows the person backing off and taking a drug, specifically during combat.

3. Drugs have long had a 'overdose amount' where we defined how much a person could take before they start ODing. It wasn't used. We now use the amount of time the drug lasts + the amount of time the drugs after effects last, as the timebox for a 'usage'. If you have more 'usages' than 'overdose_amount' you OD. Toxin binders will still save you from OD.

There are some additional changes in the immediate pipeline, which Cerberus is working on and he will make a post here later to update you all.

-- S

There is some new messaging on drugs as well, you will prepare to take the drug, and this will be visible, then there will be a pause, the length of which depends on the drug, and then you will take the drug.

OD amount is different for everyone or is it uniform?

Does drug usage require wielding the drug and can it be disarmed/wrested to interrupt said usage?

For drugs with a longer than average consume time, if you freehands, or are disarmed or hand the drug to someone else-- you will not consume it.

So technically speaking if someone starts trying to take a combat drug you will have the option of trying to prevent them in ways that would work in the real world-- taking it from them or grappling them.

As such I've reduced the combat round penalty to 1.

Drug usage always requires you are holding it. If you know of drugs that this isn't the case for, xhelp and let Cerb or I know.

Overdosing is both different for everyone AND uniform.

There is a MAXIMUM CAP to the amount of a specific drug you can take during a period of time (as I stated above). No matter who you are, without toxin binders you will trigger an OD if you hit that cap. It's different for every drug.

There is also a variable overdose, which is dependent on your stats and them dropping to dangerous levels because of the adverse effects of a drug. That is different for everyone because everyones stats are different.

I would love scrapping the flashboost in favor of a cybernetic combat drug delivery system that could be loaded with various drugs in "slots" seems like it would accomodate this change and the drug system in place much better.

Phase 1 of Drugs 3.0 - THE STATS

These are some VERY significant changes, the drugs you think you know have been refuckulated to provide specific experiences in regards to their effects and after effects to your @stats.




Th2-c, HP-2, Humbolt - Very much just weed products that alter your mind, outlook on the world, and charismatic disposition.

Lna-3z and Na-3z - Very much just acid products that alter your mind, outlook on the world, and charismatic disposition

Jackel and MRc - Marcy is what you take when you wanna laser focus on technical shit, and be charismatic while doing it, also seems to improve your outlook on the world in the process. Jackel is a mellowed out dose of MRc thanks to the addition of max-chill weed.




Endoprine is a fucking pain killer, it slows you down and toughens you up.

Dezraldin is a fucking anti-depressant, it slows you down and makes you more cheerful and hate the world less.

Nevadone is just adderall you laser-focused, twitchy junkie.

EverUp and SoberUp now make you slightly grumpy from use.


******* IMPORTANT **********


Ex-D7 - HULK SMASH, but hulk is sluggish and runs out of stamina faster.

V-202 - Muthafuckas was fast as lightning, but no longer as fast as lightning and as strong as the hulk, because that was dumb and there was never a need to use the other combat stims.

******* - it's rare, I won't tell you what its called cause it's rare. Get rekt.

I am going to be reviewing potency, overdose_amounts and such later tonight and making more adjustments after I get organized around the other props on the objects.

More to come. No code changes though, this is all done without any new symptoms, withdrawals, use scripts, etc.

I am looking into adding a drug delivery cybernetic item for a cybernetic limb module. Also a lower tech and less useful combat clothing type of object that needs to be manually reloaded.

All of this rules and thank you for it!

+1 for more Cerberus explaining things posts. Way to make change fun. :)

Nothing to add really, this is just pretty badass.

We will continue to make changes to this code and to the properties of drugs. Please, please, xhelp if you encounter something wonky. You might be told to @bug it, but it might also help us diagnose crazy shit that is happening!

What's the difference between the new overdose vs the old overdose mechanics? The old mechanics seemed just fine in my opinion and experience with drugs. Are overdoses now more frequent?

I like this update - especially now that they're classed and so on. Pretty great, will xhelp if I see anything worth @bugging.

Villa the difference is that someone with high stats can now overdose if they take a high amount of a drug all at once, despite it not lowering their stats to a dangerous level.

Od won't kill you most times. You just get really sick. But taking another hit when oding may kill you.

Yes, you'll overdose more often if you take a lot of drugs all at once before the drug has had time to completely elapse.

You know when you're good to take more when your stats are back to normal, it's an obvious indicator.

We did it this way because sometimes it's easier to OD on a shittier grade of drug than a higher quality one, in real life anyway.

So one thing will happen, you will either OD from your stats dropping, or you will OD from overuse within the amount of time the drug is affecting your system.

Two possibilities, covers both high grade and low grade drug use.

Ex-D7 has been updated to reflect it's new effectiveness in combat and is now as valuable and common as V-202 is.

I don't think there's any other drugs that need significant adjustments, but feel free to point any oddities out.