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Drunks Beware!
1 part alcohol, 2 parts RP, shaken, not stirred

So, Saedan gave us drunkenness. You drink booze, you get drunk, you slur your speech. You stumble in the wrong direction when you walk around. You can build a tolerance too, so you don't get quite as drunk.

And now, if you drink too damn much, you're gonna pass the fuck out. You shouldn't get caught off guard by this. You won't be drinking and then suddenly pass out without a warning. You'll know, trust me.

Oh, and umm ... don't drive. Seriously. Ju fuck up yer ride, baka!

Sweet. Most of the time i would have to do this by myself but now... Thanks Saeden, and Johnny.

Is vomiting in effect?

Maaaybe. ;)

'Nother idiotic post.. you missed nothing.

(Edited by Ihasamoney at 8:21 pm on July 23, 2008)

I have a superb idea for you to find out if vomiting is in effect... Go out to the Drome and just get -trashed-. Then run a few circles really quickly and you'll know almost instantly.

We uncovered a bug in our code that determines the strength of a given alcoholic drink. Because of this bug, certain drinks were under strength, some were over and one was even just like drinking water. This should be resolved now.

So, don't be surprised if your favorite drink knocks you on your ass sooner or later than it did before.

We need Sprocket Bombs, which get you drunk no matter what after one. And your face has to go numb.

Good times.

Yes, the face numbing effect is actually quite...good surprisingly.