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Entering cars while In combat & aim
Some changes and fixes

Hey All -

You can no longer enter a vehicle while you are being attacked, even if you stop attacking. This was a bug. Please do not abuse bugs. Do not practice them to get an advantage. If you are not sure something is a bug or not, please ask.

Aim does not clear when you are attacked. This is on purpose. Imagine you are a Judge, aiming at some target, and some mixer with brass knuckles attacks you. You are not distracted. You are a dough boy wearing full WJF combat gear and even if this mixer does manage to land a hit or two your armor is going to soak that damage and leave you basically unharmed (if not annoyed).

If you are aiming at something or someone and are attacked, you will have to stop aiming.

-- S

I'd like to ask clarification about this. What if you are aiming at Joebaka in the same room and Joebaka attacks you? Does aim clear and you engage in combat? Or is this only if you are aiming at Johnbaka across another room and Joebaka in the same room attacks you?
Does this also apply to jumping off of roofs? Presently if you stop attacking you can jump, even if you're still being shot at, and there's no way to flee without a walkable exit so it seemed like an edge case to me.

No pun intended.

I do believe jumping off edges is intended since you're literally turning and leaping, but there is the delay now that allows people to stop and grapple you.

It was the dumbness of stopping attacking, taking shots or hits in the back as you casually approach your vehicle, open the door, and slide on in that was out of place. >.>

No change was made to how rooftops work. It's a bug that you can jump off them when you leave combat, IMO. But that wasn't fixed because I wasn't aware of it until now.
So can you still jump off rooftops if you 'stop attacking', or was that changed? I'm not totally sure from the posts here.