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Flee Update
Guarded posture won't block flee

If you are in guarded posture during combat, you will no longer attempt to block someone from fleeing. Why would you? You're completely defensive. This means if you go guarded and someone flee's and they are only fighting you, they'll always get away.
Makes perfect sense. Nice one.
These are small changes that probably don't take a lot of effort to implement but can make a difference. Good job :)
I've made some additional changes to flee. There should be no noticeable change, but I'm refactoring the code because it's very old and hard to understand.

However, with any code change like this, there could be bugs, so if you encounter any in the near future please xhelp and let me know. If someone does encounter a bug during combat for flee, please handle it ICly if possible, but xhelp for a GM if you need it.

More changes to luck:

1. Code refactoring continues

2. Previously we were enforcing a randomized penalty on people trying to flee. This penalty was the same no matter your stats/skills. This has been updated to be a percentage penalty. The upwards bound of the penalty (the max you could get) is roughly the same, but for those with lower stats and skills, the penalty is less. That is to say, the penalty is now proportionate to your stats, meaning that if you get a 5% penalty to your rolls for the flee, that penalty is based on your total roll and is no longer just a flat amount subtracted. This is much more balanced across the board. Newbies shouldn't get the short end of the stick.

3. Luck. Luck was playing a big factor in fleeing for some people, and not costing very much. The cost of using your luck to flee has been increased. If you're a lucky person you'll probably still be able to flee one or two times even without any combat skills, but you won't be able to do it over and over and over and over. Remember you can toggle luck on and off with @Luck. Luck is a pool and you can most definitely run out.

More updates to come.

I feel like the penalty to flee'ing should be relational to the posture you're in.
Been experiencing some weirdness with getting into combat. Unconscious opponents don't end combat in some cases and you need to 'flee' to escape them. Other times people are walking out of the room after combat begins. Got no TBs but felt I should mention.
What about rolling to flee when jumping from rooftops? As it stands now you can't do it at all in-combat.
Flee refactoring is basically complete. Code is much easier to understand. Should make updating it, adding new features to it much easier. I've tested pretty extensively but it's possible I missed some edge cases so please xhelp if you encounter and wonkiness.