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Genuine People Personality
the doors in this ship have a cheerful and sunny disposition

The new @personality command is now available for all players to use. Please consider it a tool to help you further define who your character is for yourself and for staff. Other players will not see this information.

This is setup using the our Jungian personality test and will determine the orientation your character has in 4 key areas of psychological functions - sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking. This results in a matrix of 16 possible combinations. A ton has been written about this sort of assessment, both positive, negative. It's not a perfect test, but it is very informative and you can use it drive your character's direction or decision making. GMs will also be able to use this information when they setup situations for your character to end up in.

You can answer as few as 10 questions, but the most accurate scoring will be possible if you answer all 88 questions. There are no wrong answers and you can chose not to use this feature at all.

Here's a helpful link to all 16 types for your reading purposes.

@idea: allow Mindeyes to see where someone falls on this spectrum.
Could we have the option to reset and retake the questions, preferably without having to bother the staff with a @service-request?


I felt regrets through some questions, it is sometimes difficult to be more in tune with your character than yourself, but I am pleased with the results. Though I can relate to Cinder.

This is the coolest thing.
Might help some folks to modify the tense of the questions, since it's an OOC command and I've already accidentally answered one question for myself instead of my character.

I -> my character

my -> my character's

Awesome! I dig it. Nice addition to the character sheet.
This was really fun! I like that it shows percentages too, I feel like I was off by one letter for my character but it was also 54% so that's pretty much a coin flip.

I agree with Trickyhottrev that players should be able to find this out somehow.

What if each of these types were boiled down into a one or two sentence descriptor, and then if a character interacts with a bartender enough (maybe by asking what the chatter is), the bartender develops an opinion of them and adds something like "So-and-so seems like the hands on type, not big on people, either. Kinda chummer who knows exactly what they want and ain't care how anyone else feels about it."

OR MAYBE with a high enough perception you could just tell by looking at people, because you've made some observations about them?

I think a retake would be a good option as well, as long as it isn't abused. I also find the fact it relates to at work difficult as characters might act different in a professional environment than a personal situation. Overall it's an interesting addition that I'd love to see further integrated.
I also thought it was somewhat difficult because of how most questions were work-related. However, I also think there should be an option for a retake, but only once per character. That way it can't be abused. Kind of like with the advantages/disadvantages mulligan.

Either way, this has made me enjoy the game even more than I have in a while, now with some more depth to my character! There already was depth of his backstory, but now I can remind myself what kind of person he is more often, which helps me roleplay. :P

+1 @Crooknose.

Somehow having this interact with the world would be really fun.

I personally got -exactly- what I had in mind. Exactly the way I've been playing my character.

@personality reset is now an option. You can do it any number of times within the same hour to support resetting due to fucking up the test over and over. After that hour though, if you've reset, you won't be able to again.
Thank you, Johnny!

Now I need to figure if resetting is the right option for -me-.

The personality types are all really cool, but I'm having a hard time figuring out which is the most similar to my character. Like, some things fit in and some don't.

Just my two cents as a psych major though. jungian tests are known to flip, or shift over time. People grow and change, and it's not -too- reliable as a permanent indicator (there are better and more recent tests for that). Having an option to reset perhaps once a month might be something worth considering.
Sorry for double post. I could not have worded that any worse. I meant the results shift.
@personality reset doesnt work!
I also like the idea of you being able to reset it after ste a couple months because your character will change.
+1 to Slither, I know my character has changed a lot.
I think that at that point it would be more worthy of a @service-request rather than something coded in that could lead to abuse.
Can we get a note in the help file to the effect of not discussing the results of it OOCly?
Also Proud flying type IRL here.
Do we stick a note to that effect in the help on @history or anything other help? Don't discuss traits of your character OOCly, period. I feel like if we did this, someone would feel we need it everywhere else too.
I decided to try and reset the personality thing today, but it said I already did that once. Which I haven't. What gives? :o
Opps. Minor code flaw and I didn't test my change. Should be better now.
I disagree on it being like a horoscope. I have seen it applied in game workshops for fleshing out a character rather well. As a real metric of your personality, in real life, it is flawed, but as a character building tool-- it's pretty fun.

As for why: You can find a TON of resources for the jungian model online, for free. The other systems, while they may arguably be more scientifically accurate, are less well known and there are less resources available to dig into.

Especially resources like this, which is personality type in an apocalypse:

It has gems such as: 'Of course, many ENFJs will already be leading apocalyptic cults when the apocalypse comes.'

That's fun, and that's what we're going for. Fun > Science IMO.

As for your point about it changing over time:

In Jungian lore, your true type doesn't ever actually change, only your perception of yourself. And given this is a game, and folks start out barely knowing their characters, you couldn't be more right, it's going to change over time. I'm in full agreement that folks should be able to retake the test every 3-6 months or something. I'll talk with Johnny about it and see what he thinks.

Yeah, I've read a book or two on it-- harder to find online resources for fun though.

Either way, I've updated @personality and the help file. You can retake it every 3 months!

Thank you @Johnny & @Slither for all these additional changes to this great new feature! I'm lovin' it. :D