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Glance Improvements
Glance at more than just a person.

You can now glance at more than just a specific person. 'help glance' for more info.


glance people

glance scene

glance ways

Thanks for this awesome idea Kuzco.

-- S

'Glance people' doesn't seem to show characters who are asleep. Would it be possible to have sleeping characters displayed when the command is typed?
Very cool, thanks staff.
Do they show up in glance scene?
No, 'glance scene' doesn't show sleeping characters either. Caveat: the sleeping character has a @sp and isn't disconnected while in a seat/ bed.
It seems like some changes to look went in alongside this, in that you can no longer look at anyone or anything in a dark room. That makes sense, but this also made thermographics not work in darkness, which I'm not sure was intentional.
Not intentional. @bug it.