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Limited Makeup Uses
Makeup now needs to be bought again as you use it up.

Nyron and I have worked on an update to makeup that makes it so it has a limited amount of uses before it's gone. We've tried to be thorough in debugging it but please let us know if you discover any bugs. We hope this change will make makeup a bit more realistic and give it a normal value fluctuation for consumable items.
Great job on this!
I like this change, the less infinite use things there are, the better. One thing I was wondering was if there was an indicator for how many uses were left? Not asking for an exact count, but maybe some kind of vague indication like with gun cleaning belts, packs of smokes or lighters?
In response to this I have updated makeup to show an indication of how much makeup you have left when you look at them, along with patching a minor bug fix.