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New in-character or just new in code
Retail blockbuster, or "always like that?"

Sometimes we release things as 'the way its always been' and sometimes a new product is ICly introduced. You can tell the difference by how they ICly show up. If theres no IC fanfare, no IC announcement and you just start seeing people having them suddenly or things being suddenly in stock in the stores, its 'always been that way'.

Originally posted By Johnny at Apr 29, 2021 8:35 AM

Additional note:

Let's just say you DO observe some sort of fanfare or "people announcing" things. Because, players are going to crow about the shiny new. So pay attention to your source. If you're convinced the fanfare or announcement is coming from a reliable authority with GMs behind it, that's one thing, but if it's just your chummers overreacting to something they never saw before, think about whether that's authoritative or not, regarding "it was always like that" before the code for it was written. Maybe double and triple check it before you go repeating that it's ICly a new thing.

I feel that it is unreasonable to expect players to really do this given how little they are equipped to do it. I don't recall any such thing being mentioned in any help files (maybe I missed it?) and not all players read the forums (and I personally don't think they should have to). Sometimes things are released without notice at all (though far less often now days) and sometimes always-been/new-thing is not mentioned when it is released.

Further, even if I read the forum post about this new feature that significantly changes how you operate (progia minutes as an example) and know that it is to be RPed as 'always been that way', you can be sure that 80% of people I might RP with have NOT read it and are surprised which leaves me doing mental gymnastics trying to ICly communicate this always being the case (local OOC is not always an option as a LOT of communication is done remotely).

I also feel that the source if info is not always clear. In many cases, the game intentionally masks if someone saying something is a PC or NPC. More experienced players can generally tell but even we get it wrong plenty of times. Not to mention such announcements rarely reach all players and the relayed message from other players is sometimes distorted.

My honest opinion is that if we want players to do this, it would be good to equip them so they CAN do this. Perhaps find a way to pipe such announcements into the game so someone signing in has to read them before their character actually wakes? I can't really think of any other way to ensure players are all on the same page regarding new features and if the new features were always there or a new fancy thing.