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new stuff!
some things fixed/created/destroyed recently

Thermo-Goggles (j):
* calibrated best skills for usage

Tac-Comps (j):
* can now scan objects in general

Spy Tools (w):
* can't tell ya much beyond that, hehe
* several really good objects yet to be used :(

Memories (w):
* handled properly for RP

briefcases (w):
* mostly completed

Withmore Wholesalers (j):
* deliveries can now go to bars too

Ebola Cola (f):
* freshing by the can or fountain!

New Speech System in NPCs (j):
* allows for queued speech and commands so NPCs don't bunch up their responses
* used at new Afterthoughts business
* converted Doc Jones and all bartenders

E-notes (w):
* cleaned up code, fixed numerious bugs

Lots of Descriptions (i):
* can't tell ya much, but I thank Iga for his hard work

Old Man Thompson (j):
* can now tell you what your code is when you forget it, careful, he gets grumpy
* has a few other things to say

Afterthoughts Memorial Services (j):
* stores 15 minutes of RP for playback as 'virtual last words'.
* really cool hologram code here!

SIC Implantation after char-gen (j):
* new players are now SICed in the immigration processing right after coming into the city. This has 'always been' ICly, but it is only now appearing.

Lots of work on the Matrix! (k):
* first full rezing and derezing of a program completed
* the first program creates a personal node at your location in the matrix, a 'pocket room'

Lots of stuff we can't tell ya about too!

ooo MORE fun things to stumble upon :)

keep up the good work.

Well, I can now tell what descriptions Iga has been working on.

The new version of Bansupuro Park is released.  What this means is that the park has been completely recreated OOCly and you should treat the park ICly as if it as always been this way.

The one exception to this is the new place in this park that wasn't in the old park. Note that this stuff only applies to characters that already know about the old version of the park.

Iga is the guy responsible for all the descriptions in the new park, so thank him when you get a chance, it was several weeks worth of work.

Enjoy the new version of the park.

Wow, I just checked out the new BP, and would like to congratulate Iga on his excellent work. Good job!
A few subtle changes have been made to the medpak's messaging... okay, so it no longer has the medpak healing itself. Heh... finally.

Anyways, if you happen to use a medpak for some reason, and a message looks off. Please xhelp or @bug it. (If I am online, xhelp it.)


There's a new command 'pointout'.

This is used to pointout someone that you notice hiding in a room to everyone else in the same room. �The person will stay hidden from any newcomers into the room, but will be revealed to everyone else. �

Usage: pointout <target>

If there are any problems with it, you know the drill.

The bug that wasn't showing the:

Player's body goes limp as he slumps to the ground unconscious.

has been fixed.  So you should now see when people disconnect.


You can no longer enter/exit vehicle while grappling.  Let me know if there are any problems.
What about ambulances???? We should be able to drag them numb bleeders into it... Maybe if we drag them on a stretcher or something... but there should be a way to get people, even knowcked out into an ambulance.

Let me rephrase it:

You can no longer enter/exit a vehicle while you're being detained by someone grappling you.

I.e, big bad judge is pinning you to a wall, you can't just enter a vehicle to escape it.  Where before you could.

Quote: from Neo on 7:51 am on Sep. 10, 2004[br]Let me rephrase it:

You can no longer enter/exit a vehicle while you're being detained by someone grappling you.

I.e, big bad judge is pinning you to a wall, you can't just enter a vehicle to escape it. �Where before you could.

Ooh. makes sence.

I can't start new topics here, so I'm using this one.  I just wanted to update everyone on some new features/stuff in game!

Rooftop jumping.  You can now attempt to jump from one rooftop, to another.  Adjacent rooftops will show up when you do 'look n edge' or whatever.  

If you find somewhere you think there should be able to jump to another roof from, xhelp.  You will not be able to jump to higher roofs, only ones level or lower.  You will take damage jumping onto a lower one.

Also, a few fixes with pushing people off rooftops have happened, though I still want to fix some more of it.

Motorcycles.  We have some in game now.  We still need to describe some.  If you want to buy one at this time the best thing to do would be to contact an admin.  They are still in testing and all the kinks haven't been worked out, but that will only happen as you use them.

Scavengers.  There is now more then just one Scavenger (someone you find stuff for) In game.  You'll have to find the other one ICly though.

Drugs.  There was a problem where drugs and stim patches could put you over 150 on your stats which would make you weaker instead of stronger.  I have attempted to fix this and think I have done it, so don't sweat that with stim patches and stuff anymore.

Even though a few of those probably won't affect me in any way whatsoever for quite a very long time, I must say nice.  Very nice.  

Keep up the good work   :biggrin:

Bikes are not 99% done (baring any bugs you guys fine) and they are for sale in game.

Cyberware.  Cyberware.  Cyberware.  We now have several peices of cyberware in game, available to players, and working.  This includes Nailz!

So get some cyber, people!

*Getz drunk, spend all his chy on a Mr. Studd and an Autoinjector only to realize the Mr. Studd has gone terribly bad.*

Might I suggest cybernetics should lose their value when not refrigerated?


They already go bad when not refrigerated, do you mean as they go bad they become less and less valuable chyen wise?

If that is the case, I agree to an extent, the problem being, a cyberware that has almost gone bad, is still just as useful as a peice of cyber that is brand new, so lowering the value is not really an option until we take into account how bad the cyber is when installing it.

(If it's rotten you can't use it, right now, but if it's almost rotten you can!)

Perhaps something in the look_self of the object that shows that it appears to have been not refrigerated, but still looks usable.. and if it's totally rotten.. it says that it looks unuseable?

Sounds good to me. Anything that can be taken account via appraisal or looking. :)
Since some of you don't know about this stuff:

Rooftops have been totally redone so that they have more edges to look over and more buildings to jump across too.  You should check your favorite rooftops to see what areas you may now be able to jump across too.

The idea here is to make it so you can get across the Mix almost totally by using rooftops.  The same way the sewers work.

Sniper rifles:  they now have the ability to aim at an edge.  When you aim at an edge you see the room, the people in the room, people coming and going.. not everything but a good amount.. binoculars will soon have the same functionality, and will soon be able to look across streets to the rooftops that are across from whatever edge you are looking at.

Nifty indeed...
Very neat. You have allowed me to complete a several month long quest of mine!
OKay, so as of now, if you OD on drugs (that means if any of your stats drop below 0) you will begin to overdose.  Bad things happen!  But you don't die.  You are put in a situation where you could die though.  It is not a good idea to continue taking drugs when you start to overdose.. that may result in death.

I noticed a few typos and that it is rather quick. Also...could you have it effect smell?

Otherwise, this is the best shit ever. :)

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 3:30 am on Jan. 23, 2008)

Did you purposely OD just to test it?

You rock.

I'm locking this topic to encourage our creative types to start new topics for ... new topics. A big thread of generic fixes (or a poorly titled topic) make it hard to find whats been fixed/created.