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Newbie Hologram
To answer some questions

Hey chummers,

I've added a new hologram, which uses the same code as the under-used Wiki Holograms up on Gold.

This Hologram has access to The Mind ( and can help new characters get their bearings a bit when first entering the game.

The Hologram has a bunch of info, all available in the Mind. �What I would like, is for you all to go use the Hologram, pretending to be a newbie, and try and think of some useful topics that should be addressed.

Right now, there are three main topics that the Hologram tells the user right off the bat he can answer.

'tell me about withmore city'
'tell me about jobs'
'tell me about immigration'

What other information should be make readily available that could help new characters get on their feet quickly.


Post it the questions you think new players should be able to ask the hologram, all formated like 'tell me about <whatever>'

And I will see about adding them.

Also, again, if anyone has in-depth knowledge of the game and wants to help contribute to the Mind, let me know and I will create you an account.

Keep in mind that while the hologram tells the player these three topics, the player can ask anything.. IE: tell me about Seven Ecks, just like you can do with the Holograms on Gold.


I want to contribute to the mind.
Okay, e-mail me with what you want for your login details.   Slither *at*
The immigrant hologram now also has the ability to tell you where you can find things for sale in the city.StoneMonk_v2