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No more seeing in the dark
Better get a light source

For the longest time, 'look' has worked in the dark. It would show you exits, and you could look at items and others.

This is no longer the case.


It's so dark you can't see much of anything.


It's so dark you can't see much of anything.

>l me

It's so dark you can't see much of anything.

>l baton

It's so dark you can't see much of anything.

>l e

It's so dark you can't see much of anything.

>l w

It's so dark you can't see much of anything.


You begin crawling slowly toward the east.

This applies to glance as well.

Get a flare or flashlight if you plan to play in the dark. Or you'll be literally stumbling around blind.

-- S

Makes sense!
Will chrome be available to counteract this?
Chrome has always been available for this. More than one even!
Oops, missed the thread. Thermals don't seem to work in dark rooms, though you can still look into dark rooms with them so long as your room is lit.
Also sorry for double post but imo you should be able to see into lit rooms from dark ones. Picture someone standing in a dark closet looking out at the lit bedroom. Yes cyberware or leaving the lights on and hiding might accomplish this too but it makes sense to me and is a neat way to manipulate the environment for an advantage.

Conversely looking into a dark room from a lit one could ping an it's so dark you can't see much of anything.

So, suggestion here. While you can't see in the dark...

Lets say I know I have a quickterm in the room with me. I turn the lights off. If the lights are off, in real life you probably would have to feel around to find something. Kinda think it would be neat if we might sometimes fail to pick up objects in dark rooms.

I remember there being a thing in another engine where if someone entered a dark room it said "Someone enters from the east" or something like that. I suggest that be implemented if it isn't!
Thermos and low lite cyber now work.