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Nutrition Balancing
Balancing Nutrition for all types of food and drink

Hey All,

Recently we were made aware of some inconsistencies with how much (or lack there of) nutrition is present in various foods. I coded up some tools for easily viewing the nutritional content of various foods and drinks and we reviewed the code that deals with nutritional history and how it effects fatigue.

We're currently in the process (and by we I mean Cerberus) of organizing foods into various groups to more easily manage their nutritional content. You'll start seeing nutritional bonuses in your @stats for food that didn't have it before, and possibly not getting some for food your used to seeing it for.

Different foods give a different amount of nutrition. We aren't transparent about what foods are better in an OOC way, however, consider where and what you are buying...

A rat kabob from Bansupuro is going to be inferior to the sirloin steak you get on Green, for example.

We also rebalanced how we gauge your recent average nutritional intake to ignore food with no nutritional content when it does it's calculations.

If you aren't aware, food helps you recover from fatigue quicker!

Super cool. Excited to see this

Are you trying to tell me the pure calzone diet is no longer viable?

All food has been updated.

Drinks will come later.

Very cool, thanks guys!

How does this function with chef's islands?