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Paydirt Feedback / Suggestions
What you like, what you dislike, what could be better

Post your feedback here pls
I was a little confused about the ooc message saying that if you moved rooms you'd lose progress. Because some of the tasks can have a substantial time investment, is that progress for the whole task or the smaller chunks?
My feedback is take the corporation/original questgiver's name off the quest item. I fear people are going to meta when they see an item in the hand with the name NLM/VS/WJF etc rather than looking at the item (not all items with these names have imagery of their originating corporation).
So far I am LOVING the Paydirt system. I don't have much feedback to give personally, other than perhaps different types of Paydirt items that are not just actual inventory items.

Something like a crate, that you can't store in your inventory, perhaps a shipment, even a vehicle full of 'paydirt'. Some of these more rarer than others.

I was a little confused about the ooc message saying that if you moved rooms you'd lose progress. Because some of the tasks can have a substantial time investment, is that progress for the whole task or the smaller chunks?

If you drop the item at all during that assignment, you will lose all progress and have to start over again. How could it be worded better?

I haven't interacted with it and I'm unaware of how to interact with it. I don't know if there's an IC notification anywhere, but if there isn't, maybe a notice somewhere would do well so that it isn't passed on solely by PC word-of-mouth.
I think the OOC notification might be clearer if it read like this:

Once work begins on a project, it cannot be picked up, dropped, or given to another person without resetting work. If the project is in a person's inventory it must stay in inventory, though that person can move from room to room. If a project is in a room, then it must stay in the room, though the person working on it can come and go.

I think that could also just go in a help file. I found the current message a little confusing when I first started working on projects, though I ultimately figured it out fine.

I am going to say that outside of the fact that the item required to do various tasks isn't described as being a (corp) item, it has it in its name, which I think may lead to some meta things sheerly on accident due to this.

Changing the item name to something more generic, with the exact corp needing to look at the item would be nice for that.

Outside of that, loving the system, and its even sparked an RP avenue I was considering before but the implementation of this system makes the logistics of it much more doable in the future.

So far I have loved the interactions I have seen. There has been more interaction among topsiders which has led to RP. Additionally, combined with some of the changing attitudes is making me RP with people I have not traditionally done so. I think it's fantastic and such a wonderful addition to the game.

I like that there is starting to feel like purpose for topside companies and that this is one of the vectors that's causing it. I've also seen some.very themely RP as people have potentially refused doing a task or demanded something for it.

My only odd feedback is that when checking a task it gives you an estimated time. For me checking it gave a substantial time estimate. Then when I started it, it finished literally instantly. It was very odd that way. Not a complaint, just an observation.

An addition that would be appreciated is for interactions where someone needs to sign a document, having an idea (even just a little blurb) about what the person is supposed to be signing would be nice given that it is authorizing a document of sorts. Just a little flavor thing that would be interesting to have available for RP interactions surrounding it.

Regular audit of NLM popularity charts? Sure, I'll sign that.

Signing off on approving a black ops mission between VS and SK? Hey now, I'm going to need some chyen to sign off on this.

More options for non-security personel would be great. So far it just seems like only corpsec and the like only get involved. So instead of all the big bad corpsec personnel getting the dirt, allow some of the weaker none combat oriented characters have a need to hold onto it for a while.
Part of it actually already requires that to happen, Cookie, though I couldn't speak on the frequency.
I enjoy this mechanic a lot. Overall I felt like there was a need for a system topside for people to hustle, just like the candy trade in the mix, and I feel like the paydirt system is even better at generating and encouraging RP. I genuinely like this addition to the game and can't wait for it to get expanded even more.