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Rampage MOO!
you wanted it, now you got it!

Everyone was clamoring for more Rampage MOO, so now you got all you can handle! Enjoy! :shot:

Ok, its over. Hope everyone had fun! It'll be back at some point. It's easier to bring it back now that its coded into the system. :)

Now Im thinking once every month.. It will be a change of pace and it will help us test things and help GM's find some bugs just like what happened this time I think.

And I forgot the date of last time so Im thinking like a celebration for the end of the month of great RPing.

Defenitly should have it again really soon. I had so much fun. I did so much or should i say I didn't do so little.. heh. Well I really liked the Rampage and hope everybody else did too.

How about passover?

Haha, I went through like 4 characters. It's fun and all, but there's sometimes when you really just wanna get on and do some real SD stuff (RP, or work and the like), and you can't do that. So I wouldn't say an every month thing, for sure. Perhaps a quarterly thing, or bi-annually.

Should suffice your rampaging needs. :P

Yeah.. it's fun but part of the reason it's so fun is the novelty of it. So I'd vote for bi-annually.

I can just imagine me signing on and being all excited that for once while I'm on a ton of people are on (and active)...only to realize it's RampageMoo and I won't get any furthering of my RP that tends to sit on hold for days until I can catch up with someone online.

See my point? Good.

Oh, that was rampage moo? I thought it was just another day on SD for me....what?

Halloween is a must!!

Yeah you guys are right.. It was my first Rampage and just wanted more!

Haha. Yes Xeethot definitly has a good idea and i vote Bi-anually and maybe on special occasions such as Halloween or a B-day or something. I vote for Easter cause nobody does anything on that day anyway.

New plot for Rampage:

Uh-oh the walls of the dome have been penetrated now the citizens of RED must fight back the horrifying monsters of the Barrens. Are the monsters smart enough to take the lev to terrorize the Gold, Green, and BLUE!!! Will the Dome survive the fight?

Will Goku finally have what it takes to turn.. Super Sayin?