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Socialize Personally
customize your shortcut social default adverbs

I had some mojo to tackle a simple notion that's been kicked around before and I saw brought up in OOC-Chat Tuesday. You can now override the default adverb that is setup for each @social command with an adverb of your choice. This means if don't want to grin mischievously every time you type grin, you can change how you grin now.

I've also changed how we display @socials by breaking out the example adverbs (@socials adverbs), showing the default and override adverbs for each social and showing you how your override adverb will read (@socials prefs) when used.

Type @socials or read help socials to get started on customizing your shortcut socials today!

Do the social adverbs work with the emote code, or are they strictly limited to OOC communication channels (game, ooc, free)?
They are definitely that same IC as OOC. So if you set yours to be something funny OOC and forget, then use it IC, you're gonna look like a dingus.

Also there's no command to switch back to default. You can permadie and have it reset though.

Actually, according to the helpfile you now can. It wasn't that way last night, so props!
I actually never thought about wanting this, but now that we have it I am REAL EXCITED. Thanks, Johnny!
Socials have no OOC context and are never conveyed over a channel.