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Strategery for All
Strategery now available in more places...

You can view the updated rules here:

Strategery is now available in multiple places within the Dome.

The game is designed to make you think laterally. To consider your opponents strengths as well as their weaknesses. To plan ahead, to lay traps, and to capture territory when it suits your plans.

Do you build a strong base and wait for an opening? Do you aggressively engage the opponent? Do you team up with another combatant to wipe out a third? Form alliances or go it alone!

This mini-game, at it's core, is meant to teach you how to be successful in your plotting and planning on Sindome (and beyond) by focusing on the tactics and planning required to outthink your opponent on multiple levels. It's a simple game on the surface but it comes with layers of strategy as you play it more.

It's the type of game that would be popular with street samurai, corporate employees and judges. The haves, and the have nots. I hope you all enjoy it and that it helps you hone your cunning and guile.

-- S

Great! Thanks for the hard work.
I'm interested in feedback on the new rules presentation, as well as questions that remain after reading them.
Gimmie some gorram feedback. Someone must have tried this.
I haven't found it IC yet, sorry! Once I do and I get a chance to play I will let you know!
Man why are you necroing all these threads?
Man why are you necroing all these threads?
Because I'm a new player getting involved in some of the newest threads there is available? Why are you getting in my business like you somehow own this site?
I like the idea of a new player wanting to get as involved as possible in the game, and who is taking the time to read the boards and comment.
If you don't wanna get BGBB post notifications there is an option for disabling it! I believe it's in @options.
Oh shit, I never saw this post. Actually, it's funny this came up, because I do actually have feedback for these rules! Unless I'm missing something, there's no write-up for how the alternate stacking and damage rules work, so that'd be a nifty addition to the page.
Played recently and instead of starting a new thread, I'll bump this one.

Stratagery in smaller consoles? Coffee tables, like the old Pac Man/Galaga coffee table models? That would be a great furniture item.

Also, playing across the grid. If I say I'm starting a game on Red, then maybe someone on Gold or Green will secretly register to play against me (if that isn't already a feature!).

Thanks for the awesome game. I enjoy it a lot.

Once we've got Grid 3.0 up, I could see making it possible to play it over the grid. It would actually be possible to just make a handheld version of Strategery that had a 'lobby' and you could 'host' a game, and someone else with a handheld version could join the game and play against you. Maybe I will do that some day.
BRB, rerolling Withmore's first Stratagery e-sports megastar.