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Stuck in an express tube?
Hail a cab!

So.. on several occasions I have found people that have gotten stuck in an express tube.  It sucks.  So, now, express tubes have a hail verb which will allow you to hail a cab.

The question now is.. should you be able to hail a cab from any street?

In any given city at any given time, there are generally cabs to be hailed.  Some areas it's easier than others.  Could always make a charisma based check to see how long one has to wait for a cab to stop.

I think you should to an extent.  I think in front of any hotspot on red you'd see cabs flowing pretty regularly.  Hell you already do alot of the time in front of Westinghaus, New Rose, Drome etc.    I think hailing a cab is a wonderful idea in other parts of the city.

In my experience cabs are generally much easier to find lying around on Red than on Gold etc, so yes, I support this idea too.

The verb itself is present only on the express tube objects.  There is a 'generic street' we could put the verb on, allowing you to hail it from any street, however, it is hard to differentiate, unless it's setup by hand (not a fun prospect) as to if specific areas will allow hailing of cabs and others wont.

It could be set up by level.. but differentiating between outside a hotel and some other random street is not something easily done.

So it's pretty much all or nothing..  or done on a level by level basis.. IE: it's possible on gold green blue but not on Red.. which makes it some what worthless since most of the people that play are on RED most of the time..

I think the command could benefit from a combat timer.  Generally, I doubt if your bleeding or covered in blood that a cab would care to stop anywhere in SD.

You could hook it partially off ambient population. Stands to reason that where the ambient population is high you're more likely to find a cab.

I say partially because I doubt ambpop has 100% coverage of street locations as it's a prop set per location, but I did set most of red and gold streets. But yea, you're talking about setting a value per location and there's one already there which kinda fits the bill.

True, I forgot about the ambient population stuff.  Perhaps work in a luck check as well or something.

Luck and charisma check with amb pop.  I like it.