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Tattoos are Converted
new topic for the release

The vast majority of you should now have your tattoos converted from nakeds into tattoos.

I was careful to seperate the tattoo from the rest of the naked and in some cases, that required me to reformat your naked slightly. Additionally, in a very limited number of cases, I removed meta-poses that would suck if they got into a permanent tattoo (as permanent as they are).

There will soon be a warning message when you set a naked that �we identify as having a tattoo in it. This warning message won't prevent you from setting a tattoo as a naked, but instead encourage you to support this facet of the player economy by going to a tattoo artist to set your tattoo up.

Those few people who possess faux tattoo guns (I already know who you are, don't be silly and go making more tat guns) will get them replaced with real ones.

Addressing the 'sidetrack' gripe: The GM working on the installation messages for the related cyberware is caught up in some real life stuff and the messages are a little delayed. Otherwise, they would of been released BEFORE this was.

*pulls up his sleeve to reveal his tattoo*  I woulda gotten it on a cyberarm but tattoos were out before cyberware...j/k..though just think of the possibilities, I could get my arm painted with flames and skulls and stuff.

This tool tried to get  a tatty from a "liscensecd" tatty man with the tatty gun.. and the tatty gun broke... i was just curious when this would be fixed. the new tatty gun looked really cool.

Johnny asked me today if I had any ideas for the tattoo guns. I had one that he thought was worthy of postage. The idea was to have a message above the ht message in the look. Like the drug message. Something along the lines of "Wiggle McButters looks a little pale like he just had some ink work done." And if this message is on your character the area where you got the tattoo is more easily damaged. Like say if Sir Fights-alot pokes your freshly tatt'ed arm too hard and causes you to burst into flames. I know it wouldnt be that dramatic but you get the idea. As a way to avoid this some fancy code that checks your endurance and maybe adds that to how many tattoos your character has gotten in the past(kinda like how your body builds up defense to nasty germs you have already had) would allow you to overcome the message and the vulnerablility.

Was my character affected?