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Tower Redesigns in Progress
just a quick note

Two of our GMs are actively redesigning some of the corporate towers so we can populate them with security personnel and other 'attractions' for players to use/abuse as they go about their corporate lives.

We are actively promoting growth in the corporate sectors of the game. For most of you, this will have little -direct- impact because you are not corpies and generally don't have business in the areas we are improving.

Why promote gold? Because its past time to bring up the infrastructure needed to support corpies. Eventually, even char-gen will get upgraded so the long dormant option to start as a corpie will function again.

Ofcourse, that will probably mean that we have to check histories in char-gen in order to justify starting someone off with chyen and a lackey (maybe. idea. just an idea.) at NeoTrans or something that makes sense.

When you say chargen will eventually get upgraded...what's eventually mean?  Is there any kind of estimation or do you have no idea?
Estimate, hehe, you so funny. Estimates will just be broken :)
Yeah, ain't it the thruth.  and 0.0  Johnny, you're getting pretty close to 1000 posts.
Well, i must say that im appreciative of the fact that you are trying to maintain the balance amongst the classes.

Its been for some time now that ive stayed a corpy, even though the RP stayed elsewhere. The main thing i kept in mind when i created that 'new' char back in the day, was the fact that it had become cliche to be slummy.

Its like the saying about everyone wanting to be the chief, and nobody wanting to be the average indians. Without the balance and structure, the economy simply would not work.

Its well past due for the GOLD area to get attention, but late is much much better than never. So hopefully we'll get some new players seeking out being the head of a major corporation, not the most well-known dealer the mix has ever been offered.

I definitely am gonna go with a corpie character next...whenever that is.
Me too!   they're so much harder. really.  i mean i've gone through 15 characters in under a year.  of that 2 maybe 3 were corpie. the others were not. Now even though I've got the lead for most deaths on the game, i still say REDers are easier. Its easy to find ways of making good money, and easy to keep that. Unless you get dicked over by someone who found you as their easy way. which is CP yes. but my last characters rarely stepped up on gold, when i finally had one that stayed there, i honestly forgot what it looked like.  and yes corpie characters have it harder, lower playerbase topside makes it hard to generate RP sometimes. plus plots topside cant be as "fun" as some of the plots on RED but it's a different ascpect of the game and in my opinion a more challenging one.   oh well. theres my finion.

:sniper: :boom:

I think some of the plots on the higher levels are the funnest of all.  ;D
I think what will be the best thing about corpies being supported is that it will encourage newer character types and those characters -should- have a natural disgust for the scum of red.

Conflict is good.

One word of caution however.

Let's just make sure that everyone doesn't jump on the corpie bandwagon.

We still need quite a bit of red scum for the corpie to try to manipulate, and the scum needs a solid blse to have an effective voice when rebelling against the corporate opression.

Heh, game on!

There's one character type that I can think of that apparently no one else has thought of.  But I'm keeping it to myself, damn it!  I don't want any copycats!  Hehe.
.look up the thread at Aikao

I always knew you were a closet corpie bitch ... ;)

*pushes a big red button*

*buzzer sounds*

I'm sorry, sir, but that's incorrect.  The correct answer was.....


Corpies need to bind together in groups and have meetings and say more stuff like, "Down with the scum of RED! Up with fucktards!" or something to that extent.

Ya know? I mean like...there's almost no conflict between corpies and the supposed 'scum'.

How's that for on topic for ya?

( maybe it wasn't -completely- on topic...but still...)

I think we just need an overall greater number of corpies for that...

I'd like to see Corpies extorting the Red folk.. THAT would be RP.

Corpie PCs already are extorting mixers on at least a weekly basis. the very nature of extortion often means you won't -see- it going down.
some are trying and getting thier asses handed to them on a weekly basis too, but hey.. its a process
if your a corpie, and you know many on red want you dead, and you end up dead or near it every most of the time when you go down there. then you should problibaly think about changing your approach.


well maybe not who am I to tell anyone how to RP

But some people need a suggestion Jotun.

With that in mind, you can take it in mind or not.

Corpie = Money

Money = Hired Help

Bring that togeather, do the math and I'm sure you can figgure something out.

So what ever happened with the development on these? Just curious..

*crickets chirrp*

Anyone? Anyone?