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TPEMOTE Feedback
What it says on the tin


This will turn on temp_place emoting which means when you change your temp_place it automatically emotes out the change for you. This feature is beta, and in testing. You can use it, but if we end up not liking it, it might be removed.


To not clutter the update thread and keep things organized, I thought a quick feedback thread here might be in order.

Personally I LOVE this option. Honestly not only do I think it should absolutely be kept at least as an optional feature, I don't understand why it shouldn't just be enforced across the board. I don't see why changing your @tp shouldn't be broadcast to the room, barring some (possibly reasonable) arguments that there could be a Perception check involved for people to notice, but really, anyone just 'looking' will see any updates, they might just fail to notice someone's TP has changed, but that's a failing of the player not the character (blah blah 'player skill') I think is reading too much into this kinda thing.

Great change, let's keep it IMO, and further let's just make @tp changes broadcast by default.

I 100% love it and it's super convenient.
I'm using it way more than I used to use regular @tp. I think it's very useful. I have a hard time thinking of a time where I'd want to @tp and NOT emote my way into that pose, so it's great.

I do however have a tiny bit of trouble finding syntax that works 100% for both the initial pose and the final one. Like, if I was to pose them out separately they'd be slightly different, because @tp is sort of like something that's "already happened".


emoting into the pose: Character walks over to the bar and stands near it.

@tp: Character is standing near the bar

It isn't the end of the world, but I basically have to choose which one I want to be closer to. Typically I just slam out the second one with the new @tp. It's not the end of the world, but if anyone has any tips on nailing both of these with one line I'd be interested to hear how they do it. I don't think it's worth getting into some crazy conjugations like poses, so I'm cool with it as is.

Overall I'm very happy with this tool though.

It's super convenient when someone walks into the room to just go

@tp me is chatting away at the bar.

to get them up to speed.


Good point. Honestly the 'movement' between the two and the kind of awkward 'grammar' of the situation is so trivial I just kinda shrug it off and ignore it personally.

Like if there's an ongoing scene and my character moves to a different part of the room or changes their body language significantly or just whatever I'd normally change a @tp for I just change it and presume the intervening stuff is handwaved, or it has otherwise just been handled in previous poses/emotes.

I think the change encourages more @tp usage which is fantastic, most of the time I'd forget to use it, or if I'm already in a busy room, knowing only people coming in would probably even notice the @tp description, it felt kinda pointless to use. Which is my way of saying I let myself be a lazy RP'er w/r/t this tool and this change gives me more incentive to incorporate it.

Personally I would just stop using @tp entirely if this was made a mandatory mechanism. I've never had a situation in which the syntax or language or purpose of poses and emotes overlapped with that of @tp usage, and would certainly be very disappointed to be forced to use it simply because it was convenient for others.
I'd also just stop using @tp entirely if it was mandatory. I prefer to just write my poses manually.
I like it and prefer it.

Do not make it mandatory.

I like it just for the convenience of letting people know what you're doing. Works great for photo moments or other group related scenarios.
I don't plan to make this mandatory. There are plenty of folks who prefer to emote out their changes and then set a TP, but based on the feedback, I see no reason not to keep the feature around.

Does someone want to write up a brief message that I can add as a tip for TIP-LINE to make folks aware of the feature?