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UE Cap + NPC Stat/Skill updates
We're going through some changes

This is a post to notify everyone that our UE Cap + Character Respec setup is complete. Anyone who was over the UE cap is going to have to respec their character which resets their stats and skills, grants them the max UE and lets them re-do their character. We keep an eye on this to make sure someone doesn't drastically change their character.

This being said, for the past 10 years we have had to upgrade NPCs stats / skills to constantly deal with the more and more bad ass player base to keep things interesting for those players. I have just finishing going through the majority of NPC groups that see a lot of action (Sinners, Snakes, Arteries, Judges, Agents) and adjusted their stats and skills. This means in some cases the NPCs are not as strong and in some cases they are stronger *sometimes it depends on the situation).


Does the implementation of the cap and the adjustment of the NPC stats also serve to increase the scope of what newer characters can accomplish, since the stat inflation of NPCs was meant to serve the needs of experienced characters? (Just wondering, not that I plan to have my character go around busting kneecaps.)
"Busting kneecaps" or other kinds of physical confrontation and damage are far from the only thing worth doing with your character's stats and skills in this game, new or otherwise, but, new characters have always been intended to begin naked and feeble. I don't read anything here which re-scopes that. New characters, at least ones without seriously substantial bonuses from a previous permed one on the same account, are still "over 2 years at 3 UE a day", every day, away from maxing out.
Will existing skillchecks be revised to reflect this new cap?

A few of them are -REALLY- high up there...get at me in-game if you wish for me to callout which ones.

I kind of wish there was more documentation on this UE cap and possibly knowledge at what stats and skills cap at. It'd be nice to be able to plan out a character without intimate knowledge of every system you might be interested in.
the original thread regarding the cap:

you won't get there for a looong time. Even still, use google to search this forum on the subject of the "UE curve"... I'll bet that even if you invested every single one of your UE all the way up to the cap in a single skill or stat, you might not find a point where it stops letting you do so. The curve gets waaaay steep.
This reverberating panda brings up an interesting point. Sindome's lack of straightforwardness concerning skills and stats makes it far more nebulous to build a character. However, is real life so different? The higher you climb along the mountain - the bigger it becomes.

To be fair, oldbies benefit from this experience as they have greater knowledge of how to create a character but there is still huge discrepancies in knowledge of what stats effect skills and so on. I've known people who have played the game for years under incorrect assumptions - myself included.

The problem is - if all this info was revealed, players would focus on min-maxxing and taking away from the overall point of the game which is RP. Is this to say that olbies asked to respec won't and have not been doing this though? I think not...but only to the best of there knowledge. (Which is suspect at best.)

In short, knowledge of skill/stat optimization is useful when playing the game in a very blunt fashion. Some character archetypes require this - others not at all. A skilled player with zero skills can impact that game just as much as an oldbie with insane stats. Remember that. If one can do both, they are truly a force to be trifled with...but it's all about the kind of character that makes the game fun for you.

In response to "Will existing skillchecks be revised to reflect this new cap?" the answer is no, with a few exceptions.

No meaning all skill checks made in game are there looking at the skill curve so you get things as you progress (more attacks, new things to craft, etc...) These are as is for a game balancing reason. So specializing in one skill will make you very good at it.

All skills use stats, help skills will give you hints on what to spend your UE in. So having a very high skill and very low stat will not add to much, so it might feel very high requirement for it.

The few exceptions are in cases we might have misjudged something as we're, after all, humans. If you think something is "-REALLY- high up there" @bug it and we will have a look, but remember that just because your character can't do it doesn't mean that the game is broken. In most cases it is the character that is lacking.

Oh, I don't want to know specific numbers by any means, and most of my question was already regarded in a way. It would be nice if you didn't have to forum crawl for the answers, though.

Such things being that there IS a character cap, but no hard-coded skill cap. Other things that might be nice is a page listing of various things that can be done with a newbie in mind. Sure, a newbie can theoretically be a decker, but (as far as I've read on the forums) there isn't a lot of code in place for it and it requires a lot of admin attention, so the likelyhood of a newbie succeeding at it is pretty low and wouldn't qualify, whereas putting something like being a fighter you are somewhat likely to succeed.

There is a skill cap, don't assume things don't exist just because you haven't seen them.
About the idea of planning a character out and wanting to know more details... the UE cap will not sneak up on you, period. By the time you even come close to reaching it, you'll have so much invested in your stats in skills that you'll have already figured out what your characters path is. Anyone who does hit the cap without having already focused their UE into the important bits is either a moron, or has had their char change direction significantly, which is a potential situation for being granted a respec (I know first hand because I got one while not even halfway to the cap, and I didn't even actually ask for it, heh).

But I do understand the concern and confusion a new player would have over making the 'right choices' in their UE allocation given that there's a limit on how many points they'll get. It's totally understandable, but it cannot be stressed enough, what seems like a lot to a new char is trivial in the long run. You may hit a point where it takes an entire week's worth of UE or more to raise a stat or skill one point... kinda makes the idea of worrying about how to spend your daily 3 UE seem silly, yeah?