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Varied appearance presentation

I propose there be categories you can choose to have your appearance change your shortdesc with, like @appearance change or something.


1. intimidating

2. attractive

3. slumdog

4. corporate

etc, etc, with appropriate adjectives for each category based on your appearance.

fuck i missed

I disagree.

I think it should be the highest outlier of your physical stats and you shouldn't get a choice in it. If you have average charisma and huge strength then it should list you as intimidating, but if you are repulsive you shouldn't have a choice of hiding that behind your strength. In real life you don't get to choose how you look to other people unless you improve the way you look, which is equivalent to increasing your charisma in the game.

Perhaps if you're average on all physical accounts it could replace 'tall' for instance with 'corporate' if you're wearing a suit and I think that would be fine, but can only be changed with an IC item, not a command.

Inked or Tattooed could go here.

Please post any replies in this thread instead:

Please post any replies in this thread instead: