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Video Editing
New Code, New Job

Today I finished a verb that I'd originaly made for myself and put it live at NLM.

It allows a player (or admin) to edit TV shows that have been recorded at NLM.  The interface is fairly straightforward, and there is also a recovery system that allows the player to restore the last 10 programs that were edited, in case something goes wrong.

This opens the door for a player to step in as the NLM Video Editor.  The job would entail splicing in commercials, removing outtakes, etc.

It also opens the door for footage to be doctored, or cut together to tell a vasty different story then what really happened, in true Fox News style.

If you are starting a new character, or looking for a direction for your existing character, keep this job in mind, as we'll be looking to fill this position at some point.

It would offer something fun to do ICly, and be productive for the game.