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Yo! Cabbie!
Driver, take us to the mall on green, now!

A taxi is in the game.

Hop in, speak loudly (don't shout), and say, "Driver, <insert command here>". (Let's go to, how far is it, where are we, etc.)

If you take one somewhere, it will -lock you in the car until you pay-. (read that again)

Presently there's no provision for not having enough money. Generally rides are under 200 chyen, and as cheap as 30, depending on the length of the ride.

So don't do it if you ain't got money to spare. I'm working on the aformentioned provisions, so keep it IC for now and we'll work it out soon.

And I'm working on a dispatch script so you can call them to your location.

If you see anything wrong, make sure you @bug it, or @typo it.

Thanks, and enjoy!