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Command Help in Webclient
some stuff to come

Been recoding some of the command help or 'autocomplete' thats built into the webclient. Here are some screenshots of the PROTOTYPE feature in action. What do you think?

Remember, this is not in the webclient quite yet.

This is a wonderful idea! Keep up the good work Johnny!
I use a MUD client that auto-completes commands I've used in the past and I have to say, it saves me tons of time when trying to do the more tedious commands (Such as entering the code for my apartment). I do often find myself forgetting certain commands so for the webclient users this could be pretty useful to them.
The first release of Command Hints 2.0 is now up in the webclient for players.

This has a dump of the hard work you and your fellow players have been contributing in our crowd sourcing effort to build the command hints database. We're far from done, but there's some 75+ commands already covered. Right now this is a dump, but at some point in the future, it'll be a much more dynamic process where once a day or so, we update the autocomplete in the webclient based on your contributions.

If you know what you're talking about and want to contribute too, XHELP to get the Command Hints Management feature added.

Some of you are experiencing some negative performance with this feature. Please discuss the issue, as your insight will help me troubleshoot the problem and get to the bottom of it. If you need to disable it, you can turn it off via client options after logging into the webclient, BUT before you connect as your character.

If you connect manually, here's a handy url to disable the feature:

Other url magic (always include game=sd):

&su=true - shorten urls [true

How does it narrow down the autocomplete? Because I find that I'm typing something like eat noodles and after 'ea' there's a dozen plus commands popping up on the screen, lagging it down.
'ea' is an incredibly common 2 character combination that is matched all over the place:

search search the current room for hidden exits, objects and people

search for tracks search the current room for tracks Must be a room that supports tracks.

say say something outloud. See also Help Speaking

@name to rename cloth to wearable item name Requires cloth.

address speak specifically to target person

addressing shows who in the room you are speaking to

speaking shows who can hear you, your language and @voice

aim at aim at target person with equipped weapon

aim at take aim at adjacent room with ranged weapon Requires a ranged weapon.

aim at edge aim at the room off the specified edge Requires a ranged weapon.

attack attack target person with held item/weapon

@rules lists the rules of Sindome Required reading for new players.

shadow follow target person while sneaking

follow follow target person if they leave the room

health displays your current condition

shout shout loud enough to be heard in adjacent rooms

@holdback <0-60> reduce stats by specified percent, 0 to clear Read help holdback.

pickpocket attempt to steal chyen from target person

steal from attempt to steal target item from target person

/flaccid deactivates the laser sight Requires Studdly cyberware.

mumble mumble something under your breath

mutter mutter something under your breath

load with loads target weapon with specified ammunition Requires correct ammo to load.

unload unloads target ranged weapon

release release your grapple on target person

resist attempt to break out of a grapple Must be grappled.

/extend readies installed Nailz for combat Requires Nailz cyberware.

/retract deactivate installed Nailz Requires Nailz cyberware

@tp me is clear your temp place

@wisdom me is clear your Wit or Wisdom in @who

@wow me is clear your Wit or Wisdom in @who

@lp me is clear your look place

@sp me is clear your sleep place

@request-puppet put in a request for a GM to puppet an npc Read help @request-puppet

@title me is clear your title

@typo submit to be reviewed for typos Read help @typo

I am considering making the thing only start responding after 3 characters are typed, not two, now that whats available to match is so much more.

Yeah, I don't know. Even with something like say, the 'sa' pops up with half a dozen other commands and it lags down the input for two to three seconds.
Well that sounds just terrible.

If you're on the latest version, its got a new @client-option feature that you can use to turn the help off.

@client-option cs false

I like the autocomplete feature better, since it is giving me an idea of what the command does, not just suggesting a command.

I could see it needing at least three letters before making a suggestion, though. Common combinations have led to having half the screen covered with suggestions.

I feel that a three-character string would probably be better for reducing the delay, yes. Having four or five options spring up instead of a dozen would be far less noticeable.
Except for all the 2 character commands ...
Everyone will now potentially trigger Command Hints IN MOO, no matter what client you're using, when you enter something that isn't a valid command.

Starting yesterday, the lag increased drastically. Clearing the buffers helped for maybe an hour. Typing something simple such as look room and hitting return would give the result of the screen stopping at lo and about five seconds later, I would get the result. Trying to pose and speak was as bad. Movement was ok as long as it was single letter directions. Trying to compose a go command for multiple rooms gave the save problem. I could stop before hitting enter and it would show me the command after the lag passed, then hit enter.
Try this:

@client-option cs false

@client-option cs true

Does that resolve the issue for a period of time? It seemed to for me when I woke up this morning and it was doing this laggy behavior for me.

I cycled through the commands several times. It does resolve it temporarily. Once back to having the prompts on, the lag begins to build again until the cycle is repeated.
Ok, The webclient is now running on the old jquery-ui 1.8 code instead of the newer 1.12 version. I upgraded our version initially because it documented a new function I could override to do the behavior I wanted. After further digging, I determined I could hack the 1.8 version to suit our needs. It's not as accessible, but it shouldn't be nearly as much of a performance problem because significantly less is going on under the hood -- I was already hobbling the accessibility in order to curtail worse performance problems, so I don't consider this a big loss.

This let me take a stab at another problem the feature was having: too many results.

Some of you have found that the results could be overwhelming, filling your whole screen. Well, now the search is a little smarter. When you type the first two characters, instead of matching everything, it will only show you commands that start with those characters. Once you type a 3rd character, it'll search everything. I think you'll like this behavior a lot better.

You can turn the webclient feature back on if you've disabled it with the command @client-option cs true

Seeing these, it's a nice ability. Very smart and smart looking too.

Great for newbies.