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Free SIC Key registration is an EXPLOIT

Read this carefully.

1.E. Circumventing In Game Code

The game is not perfect and due to either code constraints or database

constraints, we can not always prevent things that would normally be

prevented in the real world. Exploiting these gaps is forbidden. One

example of this would be to spam door codes in order to get access to

a room or area that your character does not know the access code to,

this type of behavior is strictly forbidden. If you have a question

or are unsure what this section covers, please ask an admin for

clarification before attempting.

SIC encryption has a cost associated to it to keep its use under control and give it some value. To suddenly find out there's a way to circumvent the 2500 chyen registration fee and use SIC encryption endlessly and NOBODY to my knowledge has reported this as a possible exploit in the past several years is really disappointing.

What's worse though is to find out people have been propagating this information around ICly under the guise of it being a 'secret'.

If you're caught doing this after reading this post, you're willingly breaking a written and published @rule, and will have your access suspended from the game for a duration that will be determined after you're suspended.

I am bringing this issue to the attention of Johnny and Fengshui to get a code-fix ASAP.

Consider yourselves informed that duplicating this behavior is CHEATING through abuse of a now KNOWN EXPLOIT, and will result in SUSPENSION from Sindome for breach of rule 1.E.



I did not know of this, although admittedly if I was told this ICly I probably would not have realized it was a bug. Anyway, thanks for the heads-up Cerb.
Me either. Was told it IC and was also told it was illegal and punished by clone death or something, which made sense at the time.
Nice to know that it's not an IC flaw, I'll make sure to stay away from that.
Fair enough.

Someone probably asked once if this was a bug and as told to FOIC. :)

And here I thought the economy was doing well with so many of them!
Me as well. I was under the impression from the sheer number of people who have told me about it IC, that it was purposefully designed this way to provide a 'grid hacking' experience to people who could figure it out. It seemed completely in theme for this to occur in my observation. Thanks for letting me know now!
Thanks! I have never used an encrypted SIC yet, so it does not really apply to me. But Good to know, nonetheless!
Yeah, due to the nature of the game, something like this, which does kinda seem pretty themely, and the fact that we can not discuss IC in OOC, it's kind of hard to figure out that it's actually a bug, if you're also told ICly.
For the time being we're going to let this continue on.

Personally, I think it's stupid, it doesn't take any intelligence to modify a Base64 string and make a new key. Even having a fee to have a system generated key just seems pointless when it's a cakewalk to make your own key.

I find 'free' unhackable communications technology to be an affront to my senses, and we're considering making changes to how SIC works.

Ideas being considered. Key generation is free so bakas don't have to generate Base64 strings. Adding a new key is always 1000c. Six people want to add one key? 1000c each.


If you're taking suggestions, I like that idea, but I'd suggest that it scaled to how many keys you have already registered on your chip. IE 500 for the first 600 for the second 800 for the third 1200 for the fourth and so on. Random numbers for the example.

My other idea would probably require a lot more programming and potentially even stress the system so I won't post it.

But I'd suggest you build in a way for the system to be hacked, through IC means of course, with the penalties it might have as an illegal activity to keep it themely.

My line of thought exactly. Not the scaling part but the hackable sic chip. I mean it is a remote computerized chip so it should have full potential for a person with the appropriate skillset to hack it, and sell illegal sic keys. Would be a great rp tool for information warfare and corporate espionage. Have some brute kidnap a target and take them to a warehouse or alley where a dirty mixer with glasses and tech gear hacks the corpie's sic chip to steal access to the keys.
Just an Idea:

Maybe have keys made the legal way stored on an IC ledger (pretty much a list of SIC key names and associated Base64 strings). Then have an IC system available to the appropriate authorities that will generate a list of any keys in use that are not on that ledger (and are therefore illegal) and which SIC ids that have them.

This won't tell you specifically who broke the law but you can then have TERRA/WJF pull these people in for questioning. Apply fines. All that kind of thing. Make the checks at random times so people can still create, use, then delete a key on the sly but doing so comes with the risk of getting caught with a hot key on your SIC account.

SIC is already pretty unsecure.

I don't see why SIC doesn't use subscription based services to be honest. Why get the people's money once when you can constantly charge them? Drop the once only charge for SIC keys as a concept altogether. Create packages. Basic free package gets you 2 encryptions (which should allow fresh immies to do their jobs since I can't think of any entry level position that has more than 2 company keys needed). Tack on 1000 a week to your bill to get 5 SIC encryptions usable on your SIC. Five thousand a week and get unlimited access to keys and send private SICs at no extra charge. Things like that.

That could work really well with corporate perks too. Jobs that require a lot of communication might give X package to start, scaling up to Z package at the highest rank.

Probably a pain in the ass to code, but I'm a dreamer.

Even if my original idea that I didn't post was really close to Grey0's idea, I have to admit alkaline's makes a lot of sense in the game as it is now.
Wasn't aware this was an exploit, but I love Grey0's idea.
And then all those Mixers with 20 SIC keys to keep in touch with all their friends get kicked in the teeth because they probably can't afford to spend 5k a week on SIC.
Keys were kind of implemented to get rid of the 10chy per message fee, tho', so you just have a one time fee, so you don't have to pay your bill every two days, it seems a little counterintuitive to make it subscription based, or whatever.
Keys were around before it cost you chy to make private messages
I'm stupid, sorry. I thought that's what they were for, however. It's what they're used for nowadays, though. That, and group communication.
I don't think this was ever a 'secret', the sic-encryption help file basically explains you how to do this. Maybe fix that for starters.

Not a deal breaker, but I always wondered when you do generate a sic key where does the money go to? Because its physical money instead of bank credit or SIC credit and it just disappears from your pocket.

I offer the following idea, remove the add key commands from the SIC chip and place several SIC kiosks in key locations in the city (more convenience), the kiosks generate the keys, lets you join an existing key, lets you pay for your sic bill, SIC ads, etc. That's the simplest solution I can think of.

Mano, making a SIC key is SIC credit, it doesn't take money out of your pocket. Can you give me what you're smoking? :P

We're adding a fee for adding a new key, which includes updating an existing key's string.

And also purging any keys that don't conform with key string standards.

Thanks for your ideas.