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As you may have seen, on the website we have the Inspiration page which links into Books, Movies, Games and Music.

We've got a pretty good selection on there already, but I think with some combined mental power of the community we can get some more good cyberpunk inspirational pieces on there for new and old members to help relight their cyberpunk spark.

If you know of any good pieces that would compliment our Inspiration section, let us know below!

Ideally, I need the following-

Type of thing: Books/Movies/Games/Music.

Name of thing:

If possible, link to where you can purchase said thing:

Link to youtube (If music)

Thank thank!


Atrocity Exhibition - Danny Brown

although this album isn't really cp, most (if not all) of the themes on this album can be applied to marcyheads and mixer characters (depravity, addiction, the downward spiral, etc)

Book: Koko Takes a Holiday, by Kieran Shea

Set in a very dystopian future, this novel is rife with violence similar to that found in the mix. Hi-tech weapons and body motivations similar to things found in Withmore, this book is a wild ride of violence, romance, with some really good, quipped dialog. Worth the read. I ate it up in like two days.


Pretty much anything by Editors feels cyberpunk to me.

Netflix: Altered Carbon show

Comic: Altered Carbon: Download Blues

Comic: Tokyo Ghost

Best CP comic since Transmet, IMO. Incredible art, fantastic story. I literally rolled a street sam on Sindome because of this comic but scrapped it because before ever even getting to a @history because I couldn't come up with history or concept I liked enough.

This list just popped into my feed this morning: 😊
Now with more URL instead of IMG.

If you haven't read any Malka Older yet, you're sleeping on one of the best rising cyberpunk / spec fic authors coming up.

Book One of her now finished 3-book Centenal Cycle, particularly amazing for anyone into a really wild future political landscape

She's one of the authors on Ninth Step Station:


Katana Zero

As a blurb, I'm gonna go through a few of these games already on there in addition to this one.

Blurb for Katana Zero.

2D pixel art game where you play a street samurai who gets his missions through his psychologist. The plot is very twisted and slightly convoluted and this game was one of the few I've found that exemplify the style of Neo-Noir cyberpunk Withmore goes for.

Tags: Drugs, Street Samurai, and Freedom.

Blurb for Deus Ex.

A lot has been written about this game, more than I care to retread. As it relates to Sindome, this game's closed in environments and gritty atmosphere, along with the contrast of the Corporate Agents of Unatco and those termed terrorists form a very inspirational plot to pull potential ideas for a character who might fit within the broader setting of Sindome.

TAGS: Cyberpunk, Nanomods, Conspiracy, Inspiration

Blurb for Sleeping Dogs:

Playing as an undercover police officer, you must survive and make compromises of morality in a very mix like dog eat dog depiction of urban life. It's very indicative of the stories that might be told within Sindome's broader more futuristic scope. The game itself exemplifies a fast past brutal style that fits in almost perfectly with the stylings of Sindome.

Blurb For WatchDogs

Inspiration for when GRID3.0 finally gets implemented fully. The game and it's successor are a very good showing of the style of hacking and the level of inter-connectivity that is portrayed right now in the ambient world and with GM help, and soon(tm) to be conveyed at all times with the player population once GRID3.0 arrives.

TAGS: Hacking, Planning, Rigging, Inspiration

I'd suggest removing Half Life 2, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. from that, as they aren't truly good indications or fits for Sindome outside of a general setting. Or perhaps leave one, but add a blurb of something like.

The world outside of big cities is very much like this game's portrayal (in later chapters of the areas outside city 17/of the zone.) Most areas without massed civilization are violent, brutal, or secretive to an massed degree. And characters from these areas may be more focused on survival than on the more simple leisure's of life.

Tags: Setting, Wastelands, Inspiration

Blurb for Mirror's Edge:

Built as a cyberpunk freerunning nightmarescape, the clean lines of Mirror's Edge and Mirror's Edge 2 are very indicative of the styling of buildings in parts of the game. And it is very possible within Sindome to freerun and explore Withmore's high and low corners with speed and athleticism. And this series is a very good way of learning to visualize that style of movement.

Tags:Parkour, Running, Movement, Inspiration

Thanks folks!

I've got 6 out of the 8 added so far. ConstantDisplay's "Atrocity Exhibition" suggestion will be added once I get the page updated.

But the rest should be viewable on their respective pages.

ConstantDisplay's "Atrocity Exhibition" suggestion has been added and is visbile on at the bottom of the right side.
Great updates! Thanks Mench! This was a long time coming, I'm glad this is happening.
Elysium is pretty CP:

Purchase link:

Tags: Orbital habitats, class warfare, cybernetic implants

Blurb: In the future, the wealthy use advanced technology to live forever aboard the eponymous orbiting Taurus station, while the poor struggle and die on a ruined Earth. Matt Damon plays a hapless car thief turned factory worker who is one day subjected to a lethal dose of radiation in an industrial accident. With only five days left to live, he must fight his way to get to Elysium using a powered exoskeleton grafted to his body and copious amounts of violence.

Type: Movie

Name: The Joker (2019)

Link: it is showing in the theatres worldwide

Tags: society, wealth, class divide

Awesome, Mench! I'm glad you were able to decipher the autocorrect screw up my the original post.

No joke, some of these books sound incredible and I'm going to have to load a few on my Kindle. We'll call it plot inspiration. *eyebrow waggle*

Elysium has been added to the movie inspirations
I made some of my movies available.

If you have Plex, you can go to and use the account (sindome) with the PIN (5678)

It's a mixture of cyberpunk, sci-fi and crime movies including most of the movies from the Inspiration section here on the website.

Satellite Reign on Steam..

CP as hell. Mostly an action game, but some decent story in there as well. It's the grim future and megacorps run things, you're up against a corporation that has unlocked immortality and can cyber up your team, clone them, all sorts of stuff.

It's not a 10/10 but it is definitely fun if you are in to this kind of theme.

Does anyone think Gattaca is CP? Maybe for corporate characters? It's a bit too clean, but the future is grim in a different kind of way.
Possibly, there's a few Cyberpunk sites out there that reviewed it so I'd be inclined to say that it is, somewhat...
It's a take it or leave it example.

Here's one game that should be on the list, System Shock 2. It's got AIs, megacorporations, cyberware, nanites, future cityscapes, spaceships, biologically engineered weapons.

I've got a band to recommend for the music section.

Master Boot Record

Stradling the line between synthwave and metal, this band makes awesome very stylish cyberpunk styled music to inspire the decker and grid heads in all of us.

Notable Albums,

Internet Protocol. The Synth intro on the track Telnet never makes me fail to think of Sindome.


This album is almost gothic in it's intros... It just feels so dark, and oppressive at the start, and and then that CRASHING riff hits, and then drops... It's wild. And the feel for lack of a better term, of it is very Withmore.

Just a pitch, doesn't need to be accepted, I kinda fangirl these guys, cause they are awesome!

Another good album that I feel captures the mood if not the tonality of Withmore,

Blue Stahli - The Devil

Songs like Shoot Em Up with its intro of, "We'll put your picture on a magazine, we'll get you on a video screen." Before falling into a refrain of, "Gotta just get your gun, get your gun baby, and shoot it up, yeah shoot it up baby," Really fits for certain corporate entities in Withmore. And is really on theme for Sindome, where there's whole series based around the shit people will do to get on TV.