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Missing help topics
Do I have to log in to read them?

These added topics don't appear on

support_gm, watcher, agent, creator

Also, "Name" appears as " Name" and is duplicated at the top as its own @ section.

If there are some topics that don't appear on that page, is there a different, more complete list anywhere?

The complete list is in game, help full-index or help gen-index.

The topics are dumped from the MOO on a semi annual basis, and it just hasn't happened in a while.

Thank you!!

Actually those four topics don't seem to be available in-game either. Am I misunderstanding their availability?

Sorry, but no help is available on `watcher'.

Sorry, but no help is available on `support_gm'.

Sorry, but no help is available on `agent'.

Sorry, but no help is available on `creator'.

Where are you seeing them mentioned?

Ah, you saw them in help recent. Those are GM facing help files. They don't exist for players. Apologies for that. I'll look into a way to exclude them.


Thanks. 😊