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Stop attacking to change posture
Is abuse of code and you will be punished

Moving forward, if you stop attacking specifically to change your posture faster, you are abusing code and cheating. Do not do this. Postures take time to change on purpose and circumventing that by stopping attacking and starting again is a no go. I understand GMs may have said differently but I have clarified this with them as well. I'll be working on a fix for this codewise.
What about using stop attacking to change who you're attacking? This is particularly vital when people use NPC's as meat shields.

"specifically to change your posture"

This issue has been resolved. See September updates thread for details.
So I'm curious if the fix will apply to that really annoying situation where you're fighting multiple targets, one drops, and your stance gets reset to offensive because you "initiate" on the next target.
I was wondering that as well, actually. I thought it was silly that when in a large fight, you are in a guarded stance and then suddenly on the offense when your primary target falls.
I think it's pretty interesting that you both want different things from that situation.

With that in mind, my opinion is that the principle of least surprise should guide the coders. Current default should not be (or, have been) changed. That is to say, you should default to offensive when you initiate a new attack against a new victim, same as if you hadn't already been fighting someone else in the last 10 seconds.

If they hit you first, that's different.

I think me and Quotient are on the same page with it, actually. We both seem to not like how your stance is reset in what is the same general combat but mechanically a new initiation. E.G. if multiple attackers are fighting you, it shouldn't count as a new initiation / new combat if your primary 'target' drops and you automatically move on to the next.

This may be best to move to an ideas thread though, depending on what the staff says about this in relation to the recent changes.

I agree it should not count as new. And the code reflects this now. Simply stopping attacking and attacking someone else because your current victim dropped or fled or stopped attacking, will have you in the same posture you were in previously.

If we had an effective 'switch target' command that might be different but as of right now we do not have one that is functioning the way that is described here, and on top of that, with postures taking time to change, it would allow someone (as the original post made plain) to game the system.