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[OOC] Solomon banned
Here is some info

I have deleted the thread this person posted after creating an account after being banned. I have deleted it for several reasons. It broke IC/OOC rules, it victim shamed, and because this person was banned, removed from our community and asked to not return or use our computer systems.

I didn't want to make this a public thing. For several reasons. However, since you have made it public, I will break it down for the community in broad strokes.

1. This player's original character was 'Minum'. He has been a player on Sindome since 2012 or 2013.

2. This player has been perma-banned 3 different times. The first time was in 2014 and was for causing harm to the community, breaking the rules, being horrible to admin, and taking OOC beefs in character when people called him on shit. In 2015 after their first perma-ban had been going on for about a year, they said they had learned from their mistakes and asked to come back. We voted to allow it, but with a hair trigger on them being removed again.

3. In 2017 after they went on a tirade on xhelp after not getting the job they wanted topside. There were other OOC issues as well, such as rule breaking and complaints from players about their conduct, and their ban was reinstated.

4. In 2018 they created another account using different information and IP. Circumventing a perma-ban. We were not aware it was the same person at the time.

5. After recent events which I will not get into because the details are not something I feel needs to be shared, I reviewed a bunch of old notes and realized several things. 4 years ago we decided to ban this person for this exact same stuff, including being horrible on xhelp, not reading or understanding the rules, and taking up a huge amount of admin time resolving issues with the IC/OOC divide that they caused. As I dug in more to this and realized we had already banned this player for behavior that is almost identical to what is happening now, allowed them back and then, I saw that we had actually reinstated their ban in 2017 (something I had forgotten, or not known).

6. I initiated a vote to remove this player. The vote passed. I removed them, and emailed them to let them know. And in the email explained that their right to use our computer systems was revoked.

I'm not going to get into a battle of the words with this person. They have been told not to connect to our computer systems, which if they do would be a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and we will report them to the relevant authorities.

My apologies to the players that had negative/shitty IC or OOC encounters with this person.

-- S

Yeah.. it was honestly expected after that. Thanks for the info, Slither.
Thanks for the update. Shows how long I've been playing since I know that old character.
Thank you for transparency. This helps in the case of people like this- repeat offenders who'd stir things up with tales of abuse.
I'm not even going to argue with this or debunk the lies in point 3 or 4, but I'm just going to say, once again, I'm incredibly disappointed. I won't post here again after this or even lurk on the BGBB. My faith in Sindome has now been destroyed.
[07:10:48][Help-net] Chineze (#37967) says, "Please kill me, suicide and all."

[07:11:04][Help-net] Chineze (#37967) says, "My character."

[07:37:00][Help-net] Chineze (#37967) says, "Is someone there? I'm gonna go with a yes, since a judge was puppeted."

[07:37:17][Help-net] Caffeine [answering Chineze (#37967)]: Please review Rule 4.E

[07:37:21][Help-net] Chineze (#37967) says, "I want you to ban me."

[07:37:34][Help-net] Caffeine [answering Chineze (#37967)]: Why is that?

[07:37:38][Help-net] Chineze (#37967) says, "I don't need to read rules, I want a ban."

[07:38:28][Help-net] Chineze (#37967) says, "Ban me please."

Thank you for your clarification, Slither. This is very easy to follow and actually explains very good points behind this ban. Especially compared to their old post.
At this point, a reference from slither to any mental health doctor should be adequate enough for a prescription fill 😐
Don't think my psychologist knows who Slither is...
Was this Jago?
No. It was not.