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[Spring 2019] MOO Cleanup Day
Saturday May 25th


Running Sindome is great. But, there is a good amount of upkeep! There are tasks that the staff needs to do on a semi-annual basis. These are things like reviewing our documentation, reviewing the wiki, pruning things that have built up too much at the market, triaging and reviewing all our bug reports, fixing typos, and many, many other things.

I've put together a document which details the stuff we need to knock out. And Saturday May 25th to all get on the MOO and work through these issues. It's an all day affair.

This post is to let you all know that there will be limited GMing taking place that day. We need the entire staff to be focused on checking items off the list. This is our 'spring cleaning', so to speak. So, for everyone out there, please don't schedule things for that day that will require GMs. Please don't expect puppets that day. Please do us a favor and limit your attempts to speak with NPCs that day.

We may also request additional help on Fix-It, and have specific things that you as players, can do to help us clean up the MOO that day. This includes:

1. Cleaning up your @nakeds and @description

2. Cleaning up your item bloat by trashing / dumping crap you don't need that is taking up space

3. Helping with descriptions that need updating

4. Testing things

Questions? Suggestions?

-- S

Awhile ago you introduced @review-cloth to help with this clean up effort (I think) has this helped by crowd sourcing the purge?
Zum: Yes, it has made that part of clean up basically an always on thing that requires ZERO gm attention, ever again

Everyone: This is still a thing. I started early and have been at it for about 5 hours. It will continue through tomorrow.

Update: Over time I continue to automate more and more of this, meaning that over time the tasks we end up having to do are ones that simply cannot be automated such as:

1. reviewing npc inventories to confirm that they don't have stuff on them that they should not.

2. checking that various npcs don't have too much chyen

3. reviewing look place and descriptions

4. making sure our membership pads are all cleared out and our docs are updated.

For example our auto pruner just ran and claimed back: prune total: 8,637,657 bytes

That's 8.5 megs!

Just keep in mind that tomorrow will be a low puppet day while we do this-- and we will be asking everyone to review their @nakeds, @description, and hoards of items to remove bloat. Do your part to keep the moo slim and fast and sexy.

Clean up day is winding down, looks like there are GMs doing GM things again. Thanks to everyone who helped out.

TLDR on Cleanup

Size of MOO at Cleanup Start: 121.84

Objects in Market at Cleanup Start: 3201

Objects at Cleanup Start: 67666

Bugs at Cleanup Start: 316

Size of MOO At Cleanup Finish: 113.38 (-8.46 megs)

Objects in Market at Cleanup Finish: 2942 (-249 things)

Objects upon Completion: 66112 (-1544 objects)

Bugs at Cleanup Finish: 288 (-28 bugs)

Overview of Tasks

1. All admin clean up their inventory and bit homes

2. Previous admin inventories and bithomes are cleaned

3. Admin 'give' items they've created to the 'project' that it belongs in, so other admin can update those items (mostly builders)

4. Clean out old puppet requests

5. Clean out old service requests

6. Clean out outdated SIC ads

7. Clean out outdated TV ads

8. Clean up the market

9. Review all NPC look places

10. Review all NPCs chyen to make sure no one has too much

11. Review all NPCs inventory for stuff they don't need

12. Review PCs paid by NPC and remove any that are not playing

13. Fire any PCs from terms that should be fired (not playing)

14. Remove PCs from groups they don't belong too (gangs and such)

15. Update the Pad doc so we have up to date info on all pads and who is in them

16. Add new player training videos to website

17. Update staff page

18. Update all links in help, reminders, webpages

19. Update OOC lounge text

20. Bug Fixes

21. Clean out old resumes from job system

22. Remove deprecated verbs

23. Deprecate unneeded verbs

24. Scan for orphaned security gear and remove it (cameras that point to a hub that no longer exists)

25. Make former admin into $alumni

26. Review and prune to the no reap list

27. Find all things in $nothing and recycle or put where they belong

28. Move all generics to their proper place

29. Make sure all current admin are on help@sindome and builders are on fixit@

30. Review who tips and update

31. Update the credits

Some additional tasks were done as well but too context specific to mention.


- S