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2023 memes

Korova scene

Korova scene

Brought to you by NKO

also Korova

More Korova

Snailz Turf!

We bow to no one! 'Cause we have no spines.

House on our motherfucking backs, yo!

I hope this works...


It did not

this meme requires a forensics check

@add-note -- IC Goals

if you know, you know

Sindome's official theme song:
Hey nerds

Been a while since I posted some memes. So enjoy:

People will literally invite you in their apartment and say: Take a seat wherever, please ignore the mess and it's this:

And mandatory shoobposting:

The Boat meme made me laugh out loud for real.

"... and I mean yeah, I get the whole biomodder thing, but corpie women are crazy man. One moment they'll be all 'let's stay in and cuddle', next thing you know she's talking about what place in the Mix to blow up. I knew this guy, he used to attend those orgies you hear about all over the place. He said you can't tell where one person begins and the other ends, dude. We're talking all kinds of degenerate shit. Trust me man, you're better off just tapping joytoy ass."

Strength Stat be like:

Sorry if some were posted before, I have goldfish tier memory.

Playing a scientist:

And the PR at Neo

If I don't stop now I will find Cunk for every job in the dome.

The new Sec agent who just had no idea it was this bad -

Grid artists:

Molotov is thrown into any bar

The NPC bartender while everyone else rushes out

Five minutes later:

You feel someone brush up against you in the bar...

Not sure I've posted this one here yet.

Your character is defined by these:

when the ganger ends being a high class business person

The Dome in a quick video format:

Looking up cooking recipes in the Mix:

Might be a repost, but:

You've done it, you know it.

Average gang beef on pubsic between the snakes and sinners

running into someone you immigrated with in the mix

gotta show'em how it's done.

*Something something, letters*

SIC Puppy is a snitch.
Pistol wishers be like

Gonna drop this here.

Made a lil something

OMG you drew a UJA shirt!! It looks amazing!
" />
Whenever anyone typos desert:

Think you'll smoke instinctively in your sleep,

Misjudge the distance in a ledge leap,

Eat candy that's out of date,

Use your private parts as Badlands bait.

Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die,

Dumb ways to die-hie-hie, so many dumb ways to die,

Try to fight someone with a fork,

Do your own securetech work,

Teach yourself how to fly,

Pester a Judge with the dumb question: Why, why, why

Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die,

Dumb ways to die-hie-hie, so many dumb ways to die,

Invite a random shroud inside,

Scratch a fixer's brand new ride,

Take your helmet out in outer space,

Use the WCS incinerator as a hiding place,

Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die,

Dumb ways to die-hie-hie, so many dumb ways to die,

Keep a dune dragon as a pet,

Sell your vital organs on the gridnet,

Patch yourself up without clue,

Try to go streaking as a Mixer on the streets of Blue,

Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die,

Dumb ways to die-hie-hie, so many dumb ways to die,

Dress up like TERRA during gang war season,

Attack a solo for no good reason,

Try to jump across the Skywalk,

Press the buttons in the suicide booth,

Walk into the express tubes,

They may not rhyme but they're quite possibly,

The dumbest ways to die, dumbest ways to die,

Dumbest ways to die-hie-hie-hie,

So many dumb, so many dumb ways to die.


Was going to use this in a meme about artistry checks, but I fell asleep and forgot, so repurposed

Patrick's very well versed with the licensing terminal;


the new retro is here

Mixers at gold-sector bars be like:

[image description: a cartoon drawing of a very spiffy-looking pig dressed up in a suit and tie. Next to the pig, it says: "When I go to a party, I get dressed up. And I talk about unionizing."]

Not sure if I ever posted this one (It's got sound!). An older project. Like tears in the rain.

Ah, baka, don't hate me 'cuz I'm beautiful, baka. Maybe if you got rid of that old yee-yee ass Du-wear you'd get some inputs on your dick. Oh, better yet, maybe Tanisha'll call your banspuro-ass if she ever stop fuckin' with that PRI agent or that Greeter she fuckin' with. Baaaakaaa.

Microsoft's Corpsec always parks outside their HQ.

install part in robot

I love imagining my character debating with his inner thoughts and intrusive thoughts when interacting with people.