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A little story
Editors beware...

Since I couldn't find where these type of stories go, I'm just making a new one...
(BTW, Curt is a Brit, Yosef a Scott)

�Didn�t used to be this cold, seems the night doesn�t have any mercy left for us.�
�Shit, why you�s talk like �at man, aways bringin me down.�
�Why be pleasant?   The work we just cut is bullshit.�
�Sure it is Curt, but that pay�its a fuckin dream come true.�
�Yeah Sef, but what if we get our asses killed huh?�
Yosef shrugged as if what I just said made no sense,  �Got a clone roit?  If  ya do then don� worry bout it.�
I sighed and looked my friend in the eyes, �Yeah..whatever.  Let�s just get this over with, you got ammo?�
Staring back at me, Yosef said in that horrid Scottish accent,  �Aye, lets be outta here.  I�m ready to go fuck this guy up.�

We stepped out of Yosef�s shitty apartment into the dim hallways of Westinghause.  We knew exactly where to go an when to be there.  All that was left was sucking up what balls we had an getting the job done.   Ten till eight by my watch an we were standing right outside the Rose.  Frank said our man was a big guy.   Real stout son of a bitch who ripped guys apart with his teeth, big surprise here�Frank said his name was Chewy.  Perfect reason to bring my Walther, there�d be no ripping today if I had my way.
Yosef tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at a big guy hugging the curb, �Curt..hey Curt, dats our man innit?�
I had to look at the picture I stuffed in my pocket, but sure enough, that was the guy.  Black man, bald, bout six-four with a nasty blemish just above his eye.
I turned to face Yosef, �Yeah, that�s him. You ready?�
Yosef snorted as if I was being unrealistic, �Course I�m fuckin ready..hey, hey Curt, I�ll go in close you watch my ass hey?�
Sounded like a fine idea, that way if big an ugly decided to fight back, Yosef would be the closest, �Sounds great�should lay off the Marcy though mano..getting all twitchy on me.�
Yosef shook his head, �Mind your own damn business..I�m goin.�

I met Yosef Ander when I left the Queen�s land and made my way to Scotland, he was a shifty guy but taught me a lot about preying on people�s weaknesses.  I was pretty much just a thief, had a little experience with a shooter being that I left the military dishonorably.  He took me in, helped me to get acquainted with my inner merc.  We been a team ever since, not much I wouldn�t do for the guy short of dying�

Yosef closed on the big man with his gun drawn while I weaved in and out of the crowds, trying to set myself up with a  nice flanking position.  Once I seen Yosef was close enough, I pulled my trigger and sent a casing to the ground.  The crowds parted and I could see Yosef clearly firing on our mark with what seemed like pinpoint accuracy�but still, the guy wouldn�t fall, just stood there with his arms up covering his face.  So I started unloading my clip, closing slowly on this huge man, firing with every step.  We must have put at least ten rounds into his back and chest before Yosef got close enough to stick the barrel of his cannon against the guy�s head and popped him point blank in the temple.  That was about the time I seen big-and-mean slap Yosef�s cannon away and crack Yosef in the jaw with a right hook�he must have flown twenty feet.  Then that son of a bitch turned and looked at me, bullet holes bleeding like small rivers but still he just stood there.  Then I seen it, a glint of metal where his skin had been blown away from his face.  Fuckin wonderful I thought�we just tried to crease a full cyborg with burners.
I pulled my Walther up an started letting the shells fly while the robot just stood there with his hands over his eyes, �SEF HE AINT HUMAN!  RUN MOTHER FUCKER!�
Poor Yosef, his jaw was busted, was just dangling there when he got to his feet, but he made his way to me. By that time the big guy had dropped his guard and was making his as well.
The cyborg let out a nasty war-cry as he quickly closed the distance between us, �I�m gonna chew you bitches!  I�ll start with your fuckin toes!�
He�d be on us in a second, we�d both die, he�d beat the fuck out of us then torture us with those metal teeth of his, biting and chewing�eating us�wasn�t how I wanted to go.  I made a quick and easy decision.
I steadied my aim on one of Yosef�s legs and blew a hole in his knee.  After seeing him go down, I bolted an never looked back, not when I heard the screams of fear, or the blunt clap of metal against flesh.  I�d survived,  now all that�s left to do is go grab Yosef out the vats and disappear for a while.

I like.
Oh, man, Dam.. that is freakin awesome. Reminds me of the old Chinese wisdom:

"When you and a friend are being chased by a tiger, you have but one chance... trip your friend."

great story.

That truly was a great story I mean Very detailed and awesome. It's like one of those really good movies and and then the ending is tradgedy but it still rocks the shit out of the box office.

Very wonderful.

I really liked that story. And you made it very believeable in this nitty gritty world our chars live in hehe. Great job.
    Genetek, my best friend.  Keeper of my soul, holder of my memories.  Fucking hate this place.  Every visit is like a painful recap.  In my line of work ya end up here way too often, either waking up, or waiting for some lowly fuck to come stumbling out so you can put em down for good.  Ah well, Yosef should be out soon, just a little while longer.

    I chewed my lip over near the doorway of the cloning chamber, watching the tank with livid fascination.  Never actually seen anyone clone before.  Unfortunately, my pimpled ass was usually the poor bastard in the tank wondering just where the fuck my life went wrong yet again.  Each time, I always have this funny thought.  Just how much did it suck to be that other guy�the guy who loaned me these thoughts and this body.   Every fucking time.  

    The tank slowly thrummed as sensors and lights and all manner of pretty things went to work.  From nothing came bones as arms moved faster than my blue eyes could roam.  Then muscles and ligaments, kinda nasty really.   As the tank boomed and cranked away on its little routine I watched the delicate processes with more interest than I�ve shown my dick in a while.   As if cranked vertical, the door popped open and poor Yosef spilled out onto the floor.

    �Well well,� said I with a grin, �Prince fuckin Valiant comes to meet tha peasants.�

    Yosef didn�t care to joke, he bolted across the room as quick as he could, slamming his hand down on the big green button that shot clothes into his hands.  Couldn�t help but laugh at the spectacle.  Anyone�s ever seen a man bolt naked, can attest that that shit is funny.  After slipping into his paper scrubs Yosef turned to me and ran his hand down his face, removing a nasty bit of clone excess.

    �Aright, what tha feck happened Curt?  You here to finish me off�buddy..ol� pal?� he asked, seriously, but still trying to seem playful.
    �Nah mano, I�m here to remind ya that we took a job, an we sorta fuckin failed.�
    "Are ya feckin shittin me?!  Tha gorram nigger killed us?� Yosef wasn�t happy, I couldn�t blame em.
    �Well,� I said with a bit of hesitation, �Prollem wasn�t on our end.  Our investor sorta forgot to fuckin mention that our mark was all chrome.  Skin an metal.�
    Yosef stood there in his little scrubs, a funny sight in any situation.  He looked me in the eyes and asked, �Ye still got tha jammer?�
    �What if he�s got protection?� I spit out with a little reluctance.  Dunno why, but I didn�t want use that thing, just like to have stuff.  Like a damn pack-rat sometimes.
    �Can�t on every lil part mang.  We can shut his dick down, thas a start.�

    Dunno how many times we�d been in this situation.  One or the other, always having to recap the other one.  Made me wonder though�if Yosef ever left me to die.  Very rarely have we ever cloned together.  Ah well, not my problem.  That was the guy before me.

    So we stepped outta Genetek  and waded through the cold chill of a false winter.  All ice and no snow.  Figure with all this technology the sons of a bitches could give us a proper snow.  I was fine though, just tightened my leather trench coat and waded through the crowds.  Poor Yosef was so shrunk up and cold could spot his nipples through the paper a mile away.

    Bank was easy, I watched for my opportunity and finally it came.  Some blonde bimbo bought a chip and forgot to lock the damn thing.  God I love easy money.  Picked it outta her purse while she gave poor Yosef disgusted looks.  Ah well, jokes on her plastic ass now aint it.  After cleaning out her account, I payed Yosef his cut and we waded through the evening rush.  Just a couple faces in the crowd on their way to update.

 We stepped out of Sense/Net with renewed vigor, ready to take on the world.  Shit was gonna go our way from now on.  We�d go down to our investor, kick his ass for giving us a shit job, take his shit, and get another job.  Something we could handle.

Well that shit just didn�t happen.

    Out of nowhere a big black hand slammed into my face.  I felt the crunch after my ass kissed pavement, as though I�d been hit so hard, it took a few moments to boot up and register that I�d just had my nose broken.  Shit, fuck, and god damn was all I could fathom as searing pain shot into my brain. I looked up at that towering man in front of me through tear-filled eyes.  It was Chewy alright.  The people flowed about us like water, rolling over stones, smoothing out the edges.  And despite all the rigidity of what was going on, they never broke, never spilled over or missed a step.  The pulse of the city shifts for no man.

    I looked around in my daze, hoping Yosef was nearby.  But, he wasn�t, and I knew then and there.  Yeah, that bastard has done this before too.  Big and ugly picked me up by the shoulder and put an arm around my throat.

    �Your gonna remember me pretty boy.� Chewy growled into my ear, �I�ma fuck you till you die.  Your clone's gonna feel what I've done to ya.  They aint a hole you got won't remember my name.�

Oh god�my sweet virginity.

    Thunder boomed from all around and Chewy dropped me quick as fuck, slamming into the wall of people that suddenly stood around us in a motionless sea.  Guess one thing stops the pulse.  Chewy plowed through the onlookers like a semi rolling through traffic cones.  Another deafening explosion, this time, I actually seen Chewy fall down, if only for a second.  Only one gun I heard of that even panics tin-men.  Enforcers.  Chewy snatched up a grate and jerked it out of the ground before diving into the sewers.  I sighed happily, just glad to be alive and with my asshole intact.

    �Citizen!  Don�t you move!� a voice called over my shoulder as something whirred behind my head.
    �There a problem Judge?� I asked, knowing all too well what that little noise was.  I been here before.
    �State your full name.� A second voice called as another Judge stepped out in front of me.  Thurman winked brightly over her golden nameplate.
    �Its�Curt Madison.� I sighed out, my body suddenly bathed in green light from Thurman�s hands.  Here we go�
    �Mr. Madison, seems you�ve been a bad boy.  Want to tell me what all that was about?� She asked, I could hear the bitch smiling.
    �Gotta say Judge Thurman, I miss the good ol� days.  When bad boys were appreciated.�  I can�t help it.  Call me an idiot.  Tough bitches turn me on.  �And that, was just some dumb mugger, tryin to make his money on Gold.  If it helps, I tried to warn the guy.  Bein a good Samaritan and all.�
    She scrolled through her handheld and said spitefully, �Mr. Madison.  You haven�t paid your fines.  Can you pay?  Judge Leo and I will have to take an additional ten thousand for accepting your payment.  But we can work something out, for you citizen.�
    �Well Judge�if you�ve got an hour or so, I�d be happy to pay you if ya get my meaning.�  Yeah, with a smile.  That might have been a mistake�

    Bright lights and that old familiar voice filled my ears.  �Thank you for choosing Genetek for all your cloning needs.  The date is January 4th, 2090.  Have a nice day.�

Fuck I hate this place.

(Heh, if you like, you like.  If not, don't read em.  But I intend to do more with those two.)

Some great lines there, keep up the good work man. :mirrorshades:
Kudos.   Mad Kudos..
Mini-continuation. �Not sure if there's even an audience here heh. �Was just fucking around and came upon this here, thought I'd share. �Not sure if I'll write more or not.

"What the fuck just happened Yosef? �It hasn't even been a fuckin hour!" I choked out against a mass of what felt like skin in my throat, before ultimately heaving up an extra organ as I stumbled out of the vat. �"An what the fuck is that?!"

Yosef just stood there, hovering over a floor-vent, letting the heat pass up his legs and out the rips over his knees. �His paper-suit put on less than an hour ago already marked with perspiration that had dried into a sickly color. �He didn't even look at me, seemed intent on the door.

"Mr. Madison," called out a woman's voice, "you've been issued clone-death for failure to pay your fines. �All previous fines have been dismissed since you finally managed to payed your debt."

I took a deep breath and turned toward the voice, every bit of me covered in slick vat-jiz. �Thurman again. �I swear this one has a thing for me. �I did my best to look tough, like I wasn't terrified, but I'll be honest - I was cold and nothin strikes fear like bein caught naked at the vats. �Hard to be intimidating when you got baby-dick. �I watched as her and her partner's head dipped down. �Mother fuckers...

"Mr. Madison," She paused, and I knew she was smiling, "There is of course the theft of our intern's credit chip and the money in her account. �It wasn't a -large- ammount," She paused again for emphasis and shared a chuckle with Leo, bastards, "but, we'll cut you a break that i-"
"That is if you can pay ten thousand for the paperwork." interrupted Judge Leo.
Judge Thurman looked to Leo for a moment, her red eyeslots winking in agreement before she looked back to me, "And citizen, I'd highly advise against a smart mouth right now. �Your brains spattered a bit too much last time and got my armour dirty."

That's how they do it. �Nail you for your 'crimes', kill you so you know they can, then come extort you - thus forcing you into more crime. �The vultures of Gold, the Withmore Justice Force. �Someone oughta hack their node and get rid of that goddamn eagle. �Nothing noble bout them at all.

"I can work something out..."
"Well you'd better Madison," Leo drawled, "or else we'll have to come find you again.
I sighed in acceptance until a brilliant and foolish remark bounced out of my mouth: "Someone has to make sure you're actually working, may as well be me."

Leo growled and his hand went for the massive weapon at his side - alarms sounded and from the ceiling dropped a pair of cannons big enough to make any mixer get off on the potential carnage. �Thurman put her hand up, touching Leo's shoulder, the emotionless winking of her eyeslots conveying an unheard message. �Leo relaxed, lifted his hand slowly, and gave me the bird. �He then turned and passed through the scanners out into the courtyard.

Thurman's voice scorned me, "You think you're cute don't you? �Always have some witty comment to slip out before someone plugs you and sends you crashing down here...I advise you listen up and get with the program..." and I loved it, "or you and your tiny-prick, are sewage. �Both of you." �Until she said that, that was just mean.