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A Noob With A Question
To Which The Answer Will Probably be "No."

So, I found this game while searching through Google. It looks really cool and I really like it so far. But there's one thing that bothers me.

While creating a character, in the description I made him a 6'7 slightly muscular male with heterochromia iridum, one of his eyes being red, the other black. Then came a bunch of other stuff, in which I made him an average height average build male who is an albino (White hair, albino eyes, etc.)

This description hole really bothers me, and I want to know if there's any way I can change the paragraph description, or if I'm gonna have to deal with this hole until my character dies?

Another noob here, but I think that you can use the @nakeds command to set everything in detail, if I'm not mistaken.

You can change your base description and @nakeds at any time as long as they are not locked by code.

Examine yourself for other commands you can use, and check out the helps for:



Welcome, folks.

@nakeds are great, see 'help nakeds'.

But the paragraph description at the beginning can be changed with '@describe me as ', as TwistedAkai said.

There is an in-game out-of-character channel for player to talk to each other about support. It's called Game-Help, you're listening to it automatically by default (until you turn it off), you can ask a question on it with the command, 'xgame ', and you can learn more about in-game out-of-character channels with 'help channels'.

Have fun!