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A Question on @Notes
How little is too little?

Sincere apologies if there is already an appropriate thread for this but I couldn't find one in searching.

I've been playing for a couple months now (technically returning but my first bout was short), and while feel I have a functional grasp on the general systems, the one major one that has always escaped and intimidated me is @notes. While noting combat interactions, major schemes or events, high profile "job" moments like installing/receiving cyberware or buying a car is obvious, the more day to day roleplay use of @notes confuses me a bit, and I realize now I have often ended up not noting something that, in hindsight, I probably should have. As a result, my @notes is embarrassingly barren for my time played, compared to how often it seems other, more experienced players @add-note from what I've gathered browsing the BGBB, such as and other threads, which makes me think people are @noting for far "simpler" or "day-to-day" things than I had previously assumed the system was for, such as a bar outburst.

Below I've written a few general examples of things that, prior to writing this note, would strike me as being too "insignificant" to warrant noting due to either the RP involved being incredibly quick (i.e. a few sentences back and forth and that is all), or over very minimal things (monetarily or otherwise), and thusly not something requiring staff attention. Please tell me if things of this level are indeed something I should be writing notes about. These are only vague examples I could think of that would apply to many PCs, not based on my own PC's activities.

General Examples:

Getting dipped (what if you suspect a PC did it?)


Witnessing combat you aren't involved in (especially if disguise is involved)

Hiring a PC decker for a grid page

Paying tolls to PC gangers

Having a drunken outburst

Creating a new grid forum thread

A general bonding moment with another PC

Business done with another PC (even if small?)

Making IC contacts (i.e. "I now know a good fixer/chemist/solo/etc. to call")

Archetypical/job examples:

Chemistry/munitions/explosives people starting/finishing making something

Traders/Fixers making big market or other PC sales/purchases (What would be considered "big"? What about an artist selling their work at market?)

Medics healing PCs, either at job site or on the street

Immy greeters greeting immies

Drivers doing a call

Gunsmith cleaning another PC's gun

Regarding IC Goals:

With this, I don't exactly know what constitutes too grand or too miniscule. I am primarily concerned about wasting the staff's energy or time by making them read about how my character simply wants, for example a shroud, or a quickterm or a sword or something else that's simply a few minutes of RP to acquire. On the other hand, I don't want to seem as though I the player am being demanding when, for example, a two week old character's goal is to join a syndicate, work their way up to running a business, or something else grandiose or long-term. Especially if staff effort actually gets put into opening that door, only for that character's goal and/or character as a whole to end up changing due to IC or OOC reasons.

Additionally, if I'm correct to assume I should be noting more "minor" actions like these, should I then go back and retroactively add notes for the interactions I can remember from the past?

Any feedback to the thread and my examples would be greatly appreciated, as I feel I am immensely failing in a vitally important aspect of the game, to the point I've even felt like starting anew and keeping notes properly on a new character seems preferable to trying to scramble up all the noteworthy interactions that I neglected to @note on my current character. In the off chance one of the aforementioned examples is too IC and the thread must be deleted, I at least hope for some clarification via email or something to help me understand better and improve as a player. Thank you!

I always say this when people ask me what they should, or shouldn't note:

Is it something that you think GMs should know about? If so, note it.

Some other questions you can ask yourself are:

- Would this be a rumor that would be passed around by ambient population?
- Would this be something that NPCs would notice and react to, even if later?

Etc. All good reasons to note things.

(Edited by Celestial at 11:59 pm on 3/13/2021)

i don't have any basis for understanding what a GM should or should not know about

Here's a link to a previous one talking about it that might have a lot of insight too!

I just gave a couple pointers to go off of above.
Yeah, those two have been more helpful for me than what's in the helpfile or what I've seen on the board so far. I think more examples like those would be very beneficial
What Celestial says about ambient population is crucial IMO.

If you believe what your character did MIGHT be something that could make it into local chatter, why not note it? Maybe it will. Same with seeing conflicts. There's always the possibility that other PCs forgot to note something about a fight or event, so more @note coverage on how you've seen something go down might spark notice on a thing that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks.

That's at least how I've tried handling it.

Do you have a job that requires promotion? Note your work stuff so your boss can see that. Do you take tolls? Note that so that your gang leader knows. Did you steal some super secret document? Note that so that GMs can maybe push that into a plot idea. Did you cheat your boss out of some reimbursements? Note that. Basically anything that has a ripple affect on the game, your character, those around you and that could be a stepping stone for future plots for your character, note it. You can also use @notes to let GMs know if you are going to be absent from play or maybe even what your character's motivations/emotional state/point of view are. There's a lot of really good uses for @notes.
Damn it, I knew there would be a thread somewhere that I couldn't find. I swear I searched first!!

I'll echo what ragingcunt said, Celestial's rather short and simple response is actually incredibly helpful, and I think the helpfile is what initially made me think @notes was mostly for those big bombastic moments or things that -needed- admins, like jobs or me having just shot someone in the face on Fuller. Espi's response also helps reaffirm things for me.