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Adventures of Timmy in Withmore
Timmy is the best Withmoreian ever!

I started another project which I'll no doubt abandon and never go back to but if you guys have any suggestions for situations Timmy should / would / could find himself in then please feel free to suggest...

But with that said... Here's Adventures of Timmy in Withmore #1

Gotta do the old' Withmore Welcome.
He steps out of line a few times because he's new, then calls over xgame on how he can get in.
If this is a Choose Your Own Adventure thread, I'd honestly love to see more of it.
Timmy is hungry while waiting in line. There is no food anywhere, but there sure are lots of dead bodies laying all around.
He immediately tries to fight Hardy.
Have him ask the hologram odd and eyebrow raising help topics
He takes a swing at the first ganger he sees!
You even draw like a red headed step child.
Any more of your shite Cerb and I'm gonna write an angry reddit post about you! :(
Timmy can't seem to get into the city. Timmy is dumb shit.

Timmy starts to get mad and stretches his fingers to write an angry Reddit post, but the deities of Sindome are luckily online and they see this xgame and they summon themselves to Timmy to guide him through the entrance process.

Suddenly this man appears in front of Timmy and starts to lead him through the gate.

I'd rather see Timmy be a role model. Show him doing some cool things like:

- Asking things on SIC or in person that Immies commonly go to xgame for.

- 'Examining' things to figure out how they work.

- Getting worried for their saftey when it's bedtime and getting their buts somewhere safe.

- Trying to talk to someone (an NPC) who is busy and them asking for a a call back.

- Being proactive while waiting for their paper work to be processed.

- Taking reasonable risks (AKA having balls).

- Screwing someone over for self profit.

- Reacting realistically to people they meet (AKA not telling the 7.5 foot behemoth to screw themselves).

Timmy attempts to pickpocket Anastazja but she catches him in her pockets!