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Age Minimum on Sindome
We have always had one

This was a proposed topic from the Town Hall, but I wanted to address it here for long term purposes. We have an age limit for Sindome and we always have.

This limit is based around the content of the game and the suggestions of the ESRB and other game rating organizations across the world. It depends on your country because different parts of the globe have different standards.

You can see the listing of our sign up page:

We enforce this age limit as best we can given the information we have.

This is a roleplaying game with death and murder and sex. You can opt out of the sex part, but death and murder may come to find you even if you aren't looking for it.

Do the rating standards really vary that much? Depending on which you adhere to the suggestions seem to range from 12 to 17. I find that both interesting and astonishing.

Different policies for different countries. Some are much more restrictive, some are much more relaxed.

Think of it like the drinking age-- the US has it at 21. While you can go off to war at 18 or even vote on laws regarding drinking, at 18.

Some countries have the drinking age at 18.

Some countries don't have a drinking age.