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Another noob

My background: I love text adventure games (and also ASCII, e.g. Nethack), choose-your-own-adventure books, and role-playing.

For whatever reason, I've NEVER played a MUD. I've thought about it for at least 15 years, but I'm not sure why I never just tried one... They sounded too good to be true, so maybe I was just afraid of having a negative first experience.

I finally decided to dive in with Sindome as a first. Cyberpunk has always interested me. I was really excited going in, and then I stumbled upon a thread on Reddit in which a few members complained about what a toxic environment there was here. A knot formed in my stomach.

I've been here a few days, and I'm really glad I joined. The environment is incredibly immersive, I feel like I have a room to explore my character's backstory (and create a newly damaged one), and everyone has been exceptionally friendly!

I don't think I've ever had so much help in a game starting out, so I'm really grateful. The in-game documentation has been pretty good, as well, so things have been pretty self-explanatory, but I'm impressed at how much there is to do... and there's a fucking IC forum... haha.

See you guys on, and thank you!

Hi and welcome! We're glad to have you!
Hoping that you continue to enjoy your time here! Thoughtful rp-ers are very very welcome, excited to have you here!
Thanks, Supermarket and Manywaters!

Random question: Are people's avatars on the forum usually of their character? I had made mine to look like my character... then I thought that maybe I should have an avatar that is unrelated to my character, but it will not let me upload a new one...

Some might be but many are not. Your approach (having an avatar that is not of your character) is valid and has benefits. As a rule people shouldn't be going onto OOC mediums and shouting, "Yo!!! I play Bob! Bob's my character!"

I am not sure why you can't change your avatar though. Sorry!

Happy to have you and glad you're enjoying yourself.

So it looks like it did change my avatar, but my browser was caching the old photo - fixed now.

Glad to be playing!

Ooh! Welcome, welcome!
My av is just some art I did a couple years maybe 2013? It's pretty old, pre-Sindome.