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You know he earned it

I'd like a round of applause for one of the nastiest, most vicious, brave, and clever motherfuckers I've seen in Sindome since I started playing. You honored us with such badass, ball-to-the-wall RP.

You know who you are.

[+][OOC-Chat] SirQuacksAlot applauds!
Round of applause
I'll cheers to non-stop, relentless bad-assery, sure thing.
I applaud this nasty badass too. Stirred things up in the best of ways. RP on!
My character hated him, but goddamn did he RP well, always a blast.

Played that shit perfectly.

We all aspire to be so remembered! <3
Yep. Our world's a little brighter without one of our villains. And that's a terrible thing.

RIP, motherfucker.


The long shadow that this character's reputation cast before people even met them was really impressive. Bravo!

One of my character's worst enemy. What will I do now with all the uncarried plans to end him?! T^T

You were ace cool!