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Art Commission Thread
You MUST get staff approval before posting your contact info

Do NOT post your contact information here if you have not gotten explicit permission from a Senior Staff member via email. If you do, you will be banned, no second chances.

We want to allow our excellent creators to get in contact with folks to facilitate art commissions. If you are a creator and are interested, please email [email protected] and explain the situation, how long you've been playing, what you do, etc. We will discuss and decide if we think it's appropriate to let you post your OOC contact information.

Disclaimer: 1. If this starts to cause problems we are going to kill this thread. 2. The only thing Sindome is sanctioning is specific creators posting specific contact info for the facilitation of art commissions. This does not mean we have vetted them to make sure they aren't going to steal your money. Any deals you make are your responsibility and we will not be held in any way liable.

Will there be a thread later with a list of approved creators that we can contact if we want art commissioned for our characters?
I'm really torn on this.

I like money (who the fuck doesn't? This is Sindome), but I'm at a point in the game where an arm's length from people ooc'ly helps me enjoy things the most. That said, when I wanna draw someone, I just draw them.

I'll have to step back from this one for a while.

Hey, guys, I've posted some of my art in the character arts thread and gotten warm feedback from you all. So, after talking with the admins, I'd like to extend open commissions to the BGBB, to test interest for a bit! I'm offering character portraits with the following price structure:

Email me at the address on the first image if you'd like to commission a drawing. I can handle multiple characters in a single drawing, but obviously the price goes up due to increased difficulty. If you'd like to get a background as well, we can talk about price case-by-case.

Please try to limit the amount of info you give me about your character: the admins have been very kind to let me give out my information this way, and I do NOT want fuck with the IC/OOC divide. You can either copy/paste your character's description, or send your own prose, whichever you like. Feel free to send along inspiration photos as well.

You will receive one image with linework, and another with color if you buy that option. My standard image size is 1536x2048, but that can be adjusted if you like. You may use the image however you like once you have it, but any credit you can send my way would be appreciated. I will ask if I can use your drawing for my portfolio; you are free to say no.

I'm going to try a half up front, half on delivery pay structure. Venmo is the easiest way for me to handle payment, which we can talk about in email. Paypal is a backup option.

Hope you guys are interested, and look forward to hearing from you!

Hi, I'm Supermarket and I'm taking commissions! Instead of straight to email, you can commission me through a site with built-in protection for customers and artists, it's called Artists&Clients.

My profile is here to buy various portraits from me:


- Do NOT put your character's name in your request. DO NOT SHARE GAME INFORMATION OR I WILL REPORT YOU. Don't play with me. I can be scary.

- You can send a text description of your person but it might be better if you did a mockup first, which you can do here:

- If you don't want to do a mockup first or you don't have a reference from another piece of art, just be sure to let me know details like the face shape, etc. I'll work with you so your person looks like they should!

Notice: I'm closing commissions in November because of an art job coming up. If you want something drawn, you have until the 31st to request! Anyone who already talked to me about work is excluded from this warning.

I'm starting up commissions.

Price is flexible but my base estimate is $75. It comes down to how long it will take, more characters, fancy background, etc...

Like the posts above: NO IC Information, but a character description is necessary. Information such as posture, props, and expression are greatly appreciated. You can tell me the basics of your character's personality.

Contact me at: [email protected]

Hey there, I thought I’d test this out as well and offer some commissions.

I liked Supermarket’s idea and figured I would also use ArtistandClients for my Sindome homies for the slightly more insular nature it offers.

For now I’m offering lineart, but I may include more fancy options like full-color later depending on how this all plays out.

My ArtistsandClients profile:

Like with everyone else: just send a description that contains no overtly identifying info, and feel free to include any extra details that may apply. (Of course, previous art/applicable reference photos are also welcome. Whatever helps you convey the vision in your head.)

Really cool Seurat, would you do a whole scene?
Like an entire environment? Sure, I can do that. But I usually quote a lot more, depending on the complexity/labor the scene requires. (Assuming it's fully-rendered, and not just a sketch.)

I'm accepting commissions now!

{You can contact me in-game or through

20$ for linesketch

30$ for chibi's

40$ for portrait and 70$ Full body

Yo I love your art! Fantastic!
Ah heck thank you ;u;
Is that some JOJO?!
Why yes! I love Jojo and Db I enjoy drawing in both styles as much as I can!

" />

Any artists on this thread still taking commissions?
Bump it like a camel hump!

A reminder that these are your lovely artists that can take commissioned art requests for your characters etc.

If you're an artist, check out Slither's first post on how to get permission to post your details on here.

An update, still doing commissions. $150 gets you an image size and file type of choice along with the photoshop file. Delivered in under a month. I have done several other for other players:


Heads up! Commission opportunity coming up. Any new artists in our community, please get your contact info to [email protected] for posting here now! I'll be reaching out via e-mail to gauge interest in getting a couple designs going, and submission window will close on or around October 11th. The commissions will be for graphic designs (think T-shirt), not specifically limited to character art.

Thank you to TSG staff for putting our community's artists first!

Correction: reach out to [email protected] (see Slither's post at the top of this thread).

I got permission for commissions several years ago but never posted in this particular thread. As it turns out, I could really use some help right now because I'm sick and my doctor keeps giving me more and more medications to take, and they are adding up. :P So I'm offering clean-ish pencil outlines like the examples above. I am letting you decide the price you would like to pay for these, with a minimum of $5 for my time. I will accept paypal.

You may reach out to me at [email protected]. Thank you for looking!