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Art Trade/Art Giveaway
I just want to do some art.

I'm trying to get back to doing things that I used to love to do. Drawing was one such thing. It used to be such a big part of my life, but its been on the backburner for years.

So, I'm hoping to do art trades with people, or even just flat out free art for your character. I don't want to get into anything too fancy, so It'll be a simple pencil sketch. Something nice and relaxing.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me at [email protected] with character description and as many references as humanly possible.

Example if curious:

Your link may be broken?
The link is working for me. Great sketch by the way!
I know that feeling. I've been in the same boat. :/
This is a great idea and I appreciate that you offer something like that, but are we really allowed to send IC descriptions like that (via e-mail)?

I mean, I'd love some art, but I'd like to hear an all-clear from staff before

I'm more or less in the same boat as coconut on this, I'd just like to be sure this is all okay with the staff before I email anything.

If it is allowed I think this is a pretty cool idea, however I lack any artistic talent whatsoever so I'd have to jump in the queue.

They ultimately gave it the okay when asked during Town Hall, so long as you don't tread the dark path of mentioning IC events/scheming and such. I basically copy/pasted my look_desc and edited the IC name out.
Yep, I asked specifically at town hall if this was ok. Just keep it to descriptions and reference pictures.
Fengshui asks loudly, "Does someone on the admin staff want to discuss what would be OK to share OOCly for the purpose of art?"

Cerberus says loudly, "*speaking english* You shouldn't be sharing things about your character that aren't public knowledge for the sake of Art."

Cerberus says loudly, "The way you look? cool."

Mephisto says, "We always let artists have just the appearance part of characters for commissions, sounds good."

Cerberus says loudly, "So i don't think you have to worry unless you're discussing things about the character."

Jinx says loudly, "But you'd have to use a log from the moo to do it. Not chat on any messenger apps"

I've got nine pieces of art lined up, so I'll say that I'll accept just one more for now --- or I'll never get them done!

Thanks everyone for giving me something to do, my head has been so occupied with bad things that this is a nice distraction.

Allright, I've got #10.

So for now... ART TRADE/ART GIVEAWAY is closed! <3

Now to get to work...

Aw man, I love this idea & am in a sort of similar boat myself!...I'd be happy to take a go at anyone's character, can't promise -professional- quality but it would still be fun...right now I mostly do a lot of work with photos, and even have a whole board of cyberpunk art inspiration right now.
I didn't ask for any art, Manywaters, but i just wanted to say i'm sorry you're having a rough time. 2016 was a rough year for me, too. Lots of changes and upheaval. Lost people close and not-so-close to me. We all have our outlets for dealing with grief and anxiety and everything else, and i'm glad you have this outlet for yourself. Things get brighter. Every day lets a little more light in. Sindome has been great for me in that regard even though i tend to keep everything 100% IC, i've found ways here to release some of that frustration and pain and, in some ways, it has brought some relief for me. I hope this has the same effect for you. We all need a little distraction from life sometimes!
Thanks fluertygirl. Its been a pretty darn crappy year for me. Dealing with cancer, refusing treatment to try to get pregnant, finally being told I couldn't wait, harvesting eggs for possible future surrogacy, six surgeries over the last year including a hysterectomy. Dealing with sudden forced menopause. Somewhere along the line I developed social anxiety, having constant panic attacks when I would leave my house. My friend tried to kill himself in my workplace, I started freaking out every time I went to work, lost my job, lost my grandma on my dad's side in november, and my grandma on my mom's side in january. Oh, and lets just throw Trump in there because why not! Sometimes it really feels like the world is shitting on me. But I can only assume it gets better, and that I will get better too.


First one done, hope the player likes it!

Found my paper and pencil after I moved. :P Lost them for a while!

Hey there. Will you still take character art requests in the future? I would love to see how another person sees my description.
I added the email you sent me to my list, but I really need to pump some of the ones I already have out before I take more.


Thank you so much, it is absolutely fantastic!!!!!
IS this fourm still open? i was the tenth person to send a request in but my char died and i was wonering if i could send in for my current one instead?
Sure thing. I'll get around to it eventually!
You draw me, I'll draw you? Wink wink.

(no but seriously, lets trade art.)